2019-2020 AEROPONIC ACTS ~ Bend it!

We hope you’re staying safe, healthy, sane, in good spirits (& when possible, in good company). We will not spend many words here on describing how the DAI family has been faring and surviving the crisis. It has been tough, and we are very aware that it has been, and continues to be, much tougher for some than for others. Sadder and wiser -but unbroken-, we are resuming our activities in order to sum up the 2019-2020 journey with zest; firmly decided to re-unite albeit under strict conditions. 

August 25-26-27 we will be embracing (metaphorically, it goes without words) our 35 graduating students and a smaller then usual (due to Covid restrictions) group of current first year students (2019 -2021) as avatars, attendees, assistants, performers and cheerleaders. We will furthermore be welcoming five esteemed (guest) respondents and of course our dream-team (making it all possible), to safely come together at Radio Kootwijk in the Netherlands.

Radio Kootwijk's so called "zenderzaal" can accommodate 700 people, which means that we, at all times during the acts as well during our communal meals, can keep one-and-a-half meter distance between bodies, as required by the Covid-19 protocol that we have drafted to guide us now and in the upcoming academic year. 

We warmly invite you to join us remotely for

AEROPONIC ACTS 2020 Bend it!

a 3-day marathon, assembling 35 in flesh or remote "acts" by means of performance, talk, performance-lecture, screening, reading, recital, choreography, play, speedy exhibition, concert, demonstration, action, presentation of relevant aspects of research in progress or process, reference sets or, a combination of (some of) these formats or otherwise. Each presentation will be preceded by a question."The range of possible responses that are invited, the kinds of responses that are disinvited or ruled out as fitting responses, are constrained and conditioned by the questions asked, where questions are not simply innocent queries, but particular practices of engagement”. (free after Karen Barad, 2012).

The acts will be live streamed; CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE STREAM (via our youtube channel)


Amal Alhaag,
Flavia Dzodan
Ana Teixeira Pinto,
Amit S. Rai,
Adam Szymczyk
will be sharing their improvised reflections on the presentations and will, in one way or another, mesh with the questions. 


are DAI graduates 2020, whereby it should be noted that the AEROPONIC ACTS constitute only one out of three journeys (written thesis, consistent contribution to the COOP collectives, at the heart of our program) that the students have to accomplish, in order to conclude their study trajectory with DAI. 

Click on a name to know the specific respondents and to find the title, abstract and question.

August 25:

09:00 Nine Postma
09:50 Sara Benaglia
10:40 Lea Rüegg
11:30 Julian Fricker
12:20 LUNCH
13:20 Sepideh Behrouzian
14:10 Iva Kovač
15:00 Jose Iglesias Gª-Arenal
15:50 Jiatu Gu
16:40 Raphael Daibert & Zachary Schoenhut
17:30 BREAK
18:00 Maxime Gourdon
18:50 Vita Buivid
19:40 Saskia Burggraaf
20:30 DINNER

August 26:

09:00 Zachary Schoenhut & Raphael Daibert 
09:50 Hasan Özgür Top
10:40 Simon(e) van Saarloos
11:30 Dayna Casey
12:20 LUNCH
13:20 Anastasia McCammon
14:10 Giorgos Gripeos
15:00 Konstantin Mitrokhov
15:50 Anakin Xersonsky
16:40 Dorothy Hunter
17:30 Hannah O’Flynn
18:20 BREAK 
18:50 Assem Hendawi
19:40 Risa Horn
20:30 DINNER

August 27:

09:00 Matthew Wang
09:50 Gayatri Kodikal
10:40 Mandus Ridefelt
11:30 Wilf Speller
12:20 LUNCH
13:20  Flávia Palladino           
14:10 Francisco Mojica
15:00 Harun Morrison
15:50 Zoi Moutsokou
16:40 Emma de Filippo
17:30 BREAK
18:00 Francesca Hawker
18:50 Marc Norbert Hörler
20:00 DINNER


Curator & moderator: Giulia Crispiani (DAI, 2017)
Convenor & co-curator: Gabriëlle Schleijpen
Video documentation: Baha Görkem Yalim (DAI, 2018) 
Written reports: Bethany Crawford (DAI, 2020)
Live stream & technical production (live & remote): Vinita Gatne (DAI, 2019), Ricardo Liong-A-Kong, Peter Sattler (DAI, 2016).
Logistics: Jacq van der Spek, assisted by Sanne Kabalt (DAI, 2018)
Catering: Pitchaya Ngamcharoen (DAI, 2018)
Design & social media reporting: Lauren Alexander (DAI, 2011)  & Hanna Rullmann with Nikos Doulos (DAI, 2008) and Bethany Crawford (DAI, 2020) 

Media partner

Platform for Art, Culture & the Public Domain


Radio Kootwijk

for practicalities in regard to accommodation and transport see our bulletin

AEROPONIC ACTS are part of the DAI's Planetary Campus