We believe that, by roaming this website, you will be able to find, if not all, in any case a lot of information about our program; past, present and future. We hope that we have structured this information in an accessible way. Naturally you may be left with some questions and thoughts that do not fall easily into a category. To honor that refusal we have created this page. Feel free to feed us with more of such questions (but only after you have checked the entire website:)). 


Am I eligible to apply to this program ?

Is there 'Life after DAI' ? Who and where are your alumni?

What is it to study when your practice cannot be defined by only one particular discipline?

IN A NUTSHELL; where can I find a helpful introduction to all things DAI from a student perspective ? 

Where do DAI-students actually reside? 

Do you have an Open Day, and/or other possibilities to visit you during a DAI-week ? 

Is there a program introduction by means of moving images ?

What is the institutional framework of this program ?