Alumni Embassy


~ scroll for individual alumni pages, or use the index to go directly to a specific person ~ but please note that the Alumni Embassy is under construction and thus far from complete. Feel free to contact us if you are left with questions

Is there life after DAI? 

We are so proud and so delighted to be able to say that in general our alumni thrive, somewhere, somehow, at the intersections of art (in all its hybridities, its ambiguities, its disguises and its different temporalities and languages) activism and theory.

As "nourishing mother"(Alma Mater), DAI is committed, not only to closely follow how our alumni are making worlds, but also to support them as good as we can, long after they have left the program. It goes without words that we are always happy to provide letters of recommendation, we also welcome our alumni back for advise and encouragement, while we promote them whenever we can, wherever this makes sense.

Increasingly our alumni are invited back on board of the spaceship, brilliantly taking up roles as advisors to the Admissions Committee, as cooks, as communication designers, as co-ordinators, as curators, as facilitators, as filmmakers, as local hosts of DAI as Roaming Academy, as respondents to the Kitchen and as guest tutors to COOP study groups or otherwise. The future (of DAI) is in their hands!

DAI after-life:

We provide three online, curated platforms (and we welcome suggestions for more): 

1) the “Alumni Embassy” where you find yourself right now and where we publish bio's & photo-portraits that the graduates provide us with, links to their websites or social media, video-documentation and brief written reports on the so-called AEROPONIC ACTS, lecture-performances as presented at the end of the two year study trajectory. The Alumni Embassy also offers a link to the abstract of the written thesis that a student at the DAI has to finalize in order to obtain their master certificate. Some students do enrol for a third year in order to be able to focus on the writing process. On each Alumni Embassy page we publish the date of enrolment and the date of de-registration from the program (with or our without certificate).                                                                                                                 

For those who graduated before 2015, no video-documentation or written reports on the final lecture presentation are available. In some of these cases, you will find a written text commissioned by DAI. For the upcoming years it is our intention to gradually complete this collection with ever more portraits to be written by guest-writers.

2) The “World” section on our homepage. Here we publish announcements, calls, campaigns, news and invitations, everything that can be revelant to people within our community as well as in wider networks. Please send your edited announcements ( visual + text always to be send in as separate entities) to

3)  DAI alumni in PhD trajectories