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For all questions and other issues that require a personal response, you are strongly advised to consult our crew's e-mail directory.

Please note that as Roaming Academy we do not have an office space in a fixed location. To see where we are present IRL,  you can check our calendar. In Arnhem, the Netherlands, the ArtEZ University of the Arts kindly collects and keeps our printed matter: it is regularly picked up by us from there. 

Sending us your Printed Matter:

Dutch Art Institute c/o ArtEZ University of the Arts ~ P.O.Box 49 ~ 6800 AA Arnhem
The Netherlands                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         




Ever since September 2017 (when we left the academy as building behind us -with no intention to return), for the duration of each monthly DAI Week and in ongoing conversation with our expanded network, our "soft spaceship" is hosting students, faculty and crew at a selection of locations in-and outside of the Netherlands. In line with both, the need to make connections with, in and through the (art)world, as well as the heartfelt desire to retreat every now and then, in order to invest in in-depth research, study and reflection, our landings in rural areas alternate with dockings in provincial towns or, much more rarely and somewhat contradictory to our mission, in the occasional metropolis. All landing-stations are announced ahead of the academic year and for our students there is a support system in place in regard to the additional costs on top of tuition fees involved with "roaming".

Please check our Covid-19 Protocol as well as our Calendar for updates on our trajectory in the academic year 2022-2023.


In between DAI-weeks, DAI "as institution" is mooring in the city of Arnhem in the East-Netherlands, where we build upon both the support structure of the ArtEZ University of the Arts as well as on a strong collegial network which includes the Werkplaats Typografie, the Sonsbeek Foundation, Museum Arnhem and last but not least WALTERbooks, our brilliant local partner in "this labor of love".

DAI and WALTER's affiliation manifests itself on a variety of levels, from the very practical to the conceptual. WALTER runs a small residency, known as the Dream, which offers a small selection of DAI-students (limited) possibility to sojourn in Arnhem while engaging with WALTER's activities.

WALTERbooks furthermore generously stores and accommodates our archive, library and (mobile) household contents ( from party-tents to giant salad bowls and yoga mats). Outside DAI weeks, crew members gather in the bookshop on a very regular base (Covid permitting).

Meetings with individual crew members, during or outside DAI-weeks, in-and outside Arnhem or the Netherlands, via skype, phone or in the flesh, should always be arranged by appointment. 

FAQ: If, in general, DAI-students do not live in Arnhem or even in the Netherlands, where do they actually reside ?