If, in general, DAI-students do not live in Arnhem or even in the Netherlands, where do they actually reside ?

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Fotini Gouseti's wedding / art project Renkonto brought quite a few DAI-alumni to the main square of Krusovo, a small village in Macedonia (Foto Dano). Fotini Gouseti (DAI, 2013) is currently based in Rotterdam.


"The DAI students and alumni have a strong self organised network and make it a point to meet in cities like Rotterdam and Amsterdam. When I first arrived to the Netherlands in my first year, I was invited to an art exhibition at the TENT Rotterdam, where an alumni had her solo show.It was great to meet the DAI's diaspora (!)".

For the period of their studies with the DAI, some students choose to base themselves in the Netherlands, for example in Arnhem, Amsterdam or Rotterdam (a quite substantial and welcoming community of Rotterdam based alumni is thriving). 

Others decide to move to Berlin or to Brussels (competing with Rotterdam for the label "largest DAI-community"in the world) or other Dutch, German or Belgian cities or villages that are located within relatively easy reach from the Netherlands. There are also always a considerable number of students traveling on a monthly base back and forth between Soft Spaceship DAI and their hometowns, such as, among many other places, Lisbon, Barcelona, Athens, Prague ~ even as far as Istanbul.

Despite the DAI's nomadic nature and the geographical dispersion of the members of its community, a quite strong and well maintained alumni-network has been established. In general DAI-artists are cautious to embrace the exclusive claims of the neo-liberal globalization project but they do share a fair-minded, critically attuned inclination towards a sustainable and decolonial internationalism, often leading them to places outside of the confinement of the hipster ghetto's in Art's comfort zones. We are proud to say that many of our alumni are highly motivated to cement their worldwide DAI-friendships. 

In need for more information about HOUSE HUNTING IN THE NETHERLANDS check this text by Eric Peter (DAI, 2019).

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