Academic Calendar

2020 - 2021

(please go to BULLETINS for the 2020-2021 DAI weeks that already took place) 

Update 27 February, 2021.

The Netherlands, as well as many other countries in Europe and beyond, are prolonging their very strict Covid-19 restrictions by means of a near complete lockdown (meanwhile embarking on a trajectory to distribute vaccinations).

After already completely rethinking, rescheduling and reorganising our program for the rest of the year ONCE (in December, when we decided to go online in January and February but had (naively, as it turned out...) organised in flesh gatherings for March, April and onward) we are now back at the drawing table and behind the telephone to reach out, not only to all those who were looking forward to host us, but also to the large number of people crucially involved in our activities. We have a new alternative plan for the second and, fingers crossed, hopefully final time. The details of which we will present tomorrow, Sunday 28 February to the COUNCIL.

We hope to share the plan on this page from the 29th of February onward. We thank you for your understanding, your forgiveness for the confusion, your patience and your flexibility. Please know that we miss you all and cannot wait to bring all of us together around large tables, with bread and salads, nuts and fruits and cheeses heaped upon them and plenty of wine to wash all sorrows away; the air crisp with the incredible polyphony of your silvery voices & laughter.


March         19 – 26 ONLINE

April            16 - 24 ONLINE

June            1 - 10 IN FLESH covid permitting

July             10 - 24 IN FLESH covid permitting

Aug/Sept    22 - 2 IN FLESH covid permitting

October       11-18 IN FLESH covid permitting