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When we say "crew" we mean all those who are, by means of their labor, in one way or another, facilitating or supporting students and tutors while studying and living together at DAI. 

Go to Faculty to find all those who have been invited by DAI to tutor, teach, respond, review, lead, curate or coach students or student collectives.

Student Contact Protocol 

Please check our CONTACT page for guidance when in doubt who to contact.

Head of Program

Gabriëlle Schleijpen: artistic director - see also Faculty

With the assistance of: 

Corine van der Wal: bookkeeper | liaising between DAI and HR & financial adminstration of the ArtEZ University of the Arts


Marika Vandekraats: advisor | coordinator Admissions & Enrolment

Rebecca Sakoun: advisor | coordinator Admissions from 

Study Trajectory & Syllabus

Nikos Doulos: education team leader | BKE certified examiner | study quality enhancement ~ everything and more from Recommendations Letters, to ECTS, presence|absence, assessement supervision, graduation - see also Faculty 

Florian Göttke: education team leader - see also Faculty

Peter Sattler: production leader technical & spatial infrastructure & study support Roaming Academy

Rik Fernhout is on sick leave.

Supportive thinking space 

Wanderley Santos: In-space

Gabriel Acevedo: student assistant liaising between students and Wanderley Santos 

Media, Communication & Archive

Lauren Alexander & Hanna Rullmann: house style | external communication design 

Baha Görkem Yalim: advisor documentation | archival research 

Ricardo Liong-A-Kong: friends & family booklet, website support & more

Driebit: website hosting & programming 

Sarah Charalambides: website initial ground plan

Planetary Campus Production

Jacq van der Spek: senior program co-ordinator logistics Roaming Academy | emergency response certificate holder 

Kastė Šeškevičiūte: hospitality manager, coordinator Bread, Bed & Solidarity Fund 

Sophia Braddel, Giulia Tognon, Marla Nábožna & Alicja Jurasińska (Soma Food Kitchen), Tomek Pawłowski-Jarmołajew, Myriam Taouriri, Kristinn Guðmundsson: chefs 2023-2024

Koen Scheffer, Emilija Paciūnaitė, Georgia Stellin: location assistants 2023-2024

Hemminkways: travel agent.