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Gabriëlle Schleijpen: artistic director | head of program 

Alternating between 3 crew members: supervisor | production leader DAI Week  

( the supervisor's name per DAI Week is published in our Calendar)

Florian Göttke: senior assistant to the director  | associate researcher 

Corine van der Wal: bookkeeper 

& the ArtEZ support services


Rik Fernhout: senior co-ordinator study trajectory & student affairs 

Flexible role: supervisor | production leader DAI Week 

Rebecca Sakoun: advisor | co-ordinator applications & admissions 

Margret Wibmer: advisor international students 

David Maroto: advisor | associate researcher 

& the ArtEZ support services


Nikos Doulos: senior co-ordinator Planetary Campus

Flexible role: supervisor | production leader DAI Week 

Peter Sattler: interim co-ordinator Planetary Campus

Jacq van der Spek: senior co-ordinator COOP Academy & HTDTWT, co-ordinator student travel 


Flexible role: supervisor | production leader DAI Week 

Ricardo Liong-A-Kong: senior assistant to the supervisor: facilitator all things tech & internal


Website and external communication 

Krista Jantowskico-ordinator external communication 

Lauren Alexander & Hanna Rullmann: house style & communication design 

Sarah Charalambides: website ground plan 

Marianna Maruyama: guest writer 

Miracle Things: website hosting & programming 

Silvia Ulloa: video documentation Planetary Campus


Hemminkways: travel agent 

Roaming chefs 

Mari Pitkänen: vegan organic chef

Peter/Kristinn: roaming chefs from Iceland to Antarctica

Pick up: roaming chef in the Netherlands

Local chefs

to be updated as we go 

Mamastaper: Thessaloniki

Lokal Alte Feuerwache: Cologne

Karen Jansen:  Arnhem

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