tag: Arnhem

Head of Program

Gabriëlle Schleijpenartistic director 


Florian Göttke: senior co-ordinator HowToDoThingsWithTheory | PhD researcher

Nikos Doulos: senior co-ordinator Planetary Campus & COOP study groups

Luca Carboni: assistant co-ordinator COOP Summit 2019

Peter Sattler: interim co-ordinator Planetary Campus 


Rik Fernhout: senior co-ordinator study trajectory and liason between DAI & the Exam Committee, the dept Student Affairs, the dept Quality Enhancement, all @ArtEZ University of the Arts as well as contact person Student Led Curriculum Group. 

Margret Wibmer: advisor 

David Maroto: advisor | PhD researcher 


Rebecca Sakoun: advisor | senior co-ordinator applications & admissions 


Jacq van der Spek: senior co-ordinator logistics and production, contact person Student Led Care & Logistics groups, Emergency Response Certificate holder.

Corine van der Wal: bookkeeper and liason between DAI & the financial adminstration@ArtEZ University of the Arts. 

Ricardo Liong-A-Kong: senior facilitator technical support and internal communication

Vinita Gatne: student assistant logistics

Hemminkways: travel agent. 

Local facilitators (to be updated as we go): 

Henry Alles: Arnhem, Epen

Maxime Dreesen: St. Erme

Luca Carboni: Cagliari


Krista Jantowski: senior co-ordinator external communication & Dream Art Institute coordinator

Lauren Alexander & Hanna Rullmann: house style & communication design 

Silvia Ulloa: video documentation & photography Planetary Campus, COOP SUMMIT and more. 

Yen Noh: student assistant external communication

Alaa Abu Asadstudent assistant external communication

Baha Görkem Yalimstudent assistant external communication 

Driebit: website hosting & programming 

Sarah Charalambides: website ground plan 


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