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In general: when we say "crew" we mean all those who are, by means of their labor, in one way or another, facilitating study at DAI. We feel that it is important to mention here that pretty much all our facilitators have a background in art. 

By "faculty" we mean all those who have been invited by DAI to teach, respond, review, lead or coach students or student collectives.

The majority of our crew as well as our faculty are contracted employees, implicating that they are not paid for engaging with the students outside of the time-frames of "study at DAI". ALL, we are proud to say, are super generous people, they will not easily turn you down if you address them with a question. We therefore kindly beg you to please respect how tasks, labour and workload at DAI have been organised. Thank you for your understanding.

Students are advised to also check our page on Rights, Care and Support page to find out which crew members to contact for personal support.  

Head of Program 

Gabriëlle Schleijpenartistic director

With the assistance of:

Corine van der Wal: bookkeeper | liaising between DAI & ArtEZ: financial adminstration


Nikos Doulossenior program co-ordinator COOP study groups | Planetary Campus 

Florian Göttkesenior program co-ordinator HowToDoThingsWithTheory 

Study Trajectory 

Rik Fernhout: advisor | BKE Certified Examinersenior learning co-ordinator study trajectory (everything and more from recommendation letters to credit points)| liaising between DAI & ArtEZ: Central Exam Committee, Student Affairs, Quality Enhancement 


Rebecca Sakoun: advisor | senior learning co-ordinator applications & admissions 

Hospitality & Care

Margret Wibmer: advisor international students

Krista Jantowski: advisor students landing in Arnhem

Jacq van der Spek: senior program co-ordinator hospitality & care | emergency response certificate holder | location scout

Jacq is assisted by:

Raul Silva: student assistent

Vinita Gatne: co-ordinator travel arrangements

Hemminkways: travel agent. 

Pitchaya Ngamcharoun: chef

Axe & Porridge: chefs

Christian Töpfner: chef

& other chefs and local assistants. 

Facilities, Media & Communication

Peter Sattler: senior program co-ordinator work spaces | technical support

Ricardo Liong-A-Kong: internal communication

Lauren Alexander & Hanna Rullmann: house style | external communication design 

Baha Görkem Yalim:  video documentation | archival research and support 

Dandelion Eghosa: student assistant

Open!: media partner

WALTER books: sales of our publications & more

Driebit: website hosting & programming 

Sarah Charalambides: website ground plan


Terms & Conditions: Please note that this site is under constant development (DAI=work in progress). New services are added frequently and agreements may therefore be modified and updated on an ongoing basis. It is important to check back regularly.