Silvia Ulloa

After earning her Bachelor's degree in Law in Madrid, Silvia Ulloa relocated to Amsterdam in order to redefine herself as a visual artist, first at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and later on at DAI. Documenting her own work, she became fascinated with the way images are created and the cinematic format as potential medium to problematize, analyze and question the status of the image. Her interests includes formal experimentation of documentary image making, with special focus on what happens behind the camera,  the camera movement, and cinematic language. Next to her practice, Silvia Ulloa is developing herself as a cinematographer. As a bookseller at the EYE Filmmuseum in Amsterdam, she aims for a range of books that displays cinema in its splendid diversity.

Learn more about Silvia Ulloa’s written MA thesis: INTERVAL

Between 2020 and her graduation in 2014, Silvia returned to the DAI at countless occasions to video-document Kitchen presentations, AEROPONIC ACTS and numerous editions of the Roaming Assembly. In 2019, together with Krista Jantowski she worked on a film about the DAI: Study, Bodies and the Spaceship: Movements in a Minor Key.

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