DAI carefully chooses and invites seminal art & curatorial platforms, collectives and institutions (or with whatever term they wish to define their organisational format) to curate study trajectories within the configuration of our COOPs as well as our Roaming Assembly or otherwise. We commission contributions to our distinghuised profile which may influence and gently co-shape our ways of thinking and doing as educational program. We embrace our partners as  important drivers of transformation. 

Our partners operate within the public realm but are, in most cases, not formally embedded in the governance structures of universities or art academies. We have found that, generally speaking, the excellent research at the intersections of art, activism & theory that matters most to our students, is conducted outside of official higher education formats. We are deeply indebted for the amazing individuals and collectives that our knowledge partners over the course of years have introduced to our learning community. We understand their ongoing commitment and input to be among the pillars carrying our “house”.