Giulia Crispiani ~ Keywords: love letter, sunset, friendship, leaning, reading, writing, publishing, chanting, yearning, mourning

Giulia Crispiani is a writer and visual artist based in Rome, where she is an editor for NERO Editions. She holds degrees in a BA of Industrial Design, University of Rome Sapienza, Rome (2005–2009); BA of Art (Ceramics) with Honors (Art & Research with University of Amsterdam) from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam (2011–2015); a MA of Art Praxis, Dutch Art Institute, Arnhem (2015–2017) and followed the Arts Module of the MA Studies and Gender Politics in Roma Tre (2018). Her work has been presented at (among others) Center for Book Arts, New York, Almanac Inn, Torino; Centrale Fies, Dro; Short Theatre, Roma; MACRO, Roma; Quadriennale di Roma 2020; Il Colorificio, Milano; FramerFramed, Amsterdam. She is the author of the books Incontri in luoghi straordinari / Meeting at remarkable places (Nero Editions 2020), What if Every Farewell Would Be Followed by a Love Letter (Union Editions 2020), What if I can’t say goodbye (Union Editions 2021), Petra (Rerun books 2018), and co-author of غم/Tristezza/Sorrow (Oreri 2021)



Learn more about Giulia Crispiani's 20 minute presentation Yesterday has already left for Maelstrom Slow Dance - DAI's 3 day performance lectures marathon, June 2017

Learn more about Giulia Crispiani’s written MA thesis (DAI, 2017): Revolutionary Redecoration

Giulia Crispiani returned to DAI as the curator/moderator of the 2019 AEROPONIC ACTS at Silent Green in Berlin, 2020 AEROPONIC ACTS at Radio Kootwijk, 2021 AEROPONIC ACTS at the Posttheater in Arnhem, Centrale Fies in Dro for the 2022 AEROPONIC ACTS and the AEROPONIC ACTS 2024. For MetropolisM she wrote a report on COOP SUMMIT 2019 which took place in Cagliari, Sardinia.

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