Ricardo Liong-A-Kong

senior facilitator technical support and internal communication | tags: Paramaribo, Hengelo


Born in Paramaribo (Suriname) Ricardo Liong-A-Kong in 1972 left Suriname for a study at University of Twente, Enschede (the Netherlands). He graduated in 1981 on 'A model of the strain caused by human information processing'. In 1982 he started to study at AKI, academy of fine arts (Enschede), from which he graduated in 1982 in the department of Painting and Graphics.
Round the mid eighties he started making artist's books, which since 1991 are published under the imprint Ambassade van Bukistan. You can find his books in private collections and in the collections of the Museum Meermanno and the Koninklijke Bibliotheek.

In 1999 he founded the MHHK, Museum voor Hedendaagse Hengelose Kunst (Museum for Contemporary Hengelo Art), an internet museum showing art by visual artists from Hengelo, the Netherlands.

Drawing, making books and installations is the 'core business' of Ricardo Liong-A-Kong. As a graphic designer he had commissions for both 'paper' and 'internet'.

At the Dutch Art Institute Ricardo Liong-A-Kong takes care of all equipment -computers, projectors, players, recorders, etc- and supports the students and the tutors in the use of this equipment. He finds solutions for various hard- and software problems staff and student may come up with. As a longstanding and committed member of our team he is furthermore involved in all major household decisions. He regularly issues new volumes of the exclusive and very popular series of booklets entitled "DAI Names & Faces".