Florian Göttke

tag: Amsterdam

Senior co-ordinator How To Do Things WithTheory | PhD researcher | tutor COOP study group


Florian Göttke is a visual artist, researcher, and writer based in Amsterdam. He investigates the functioning of public images and their relationship to social memory and politics, combining visual modes of research (collecting, close reading, and image montage) with academic research. His book Toppled about the fallen statues of Saddam Hussein, is a critical study of image practices of appropriation and manipulation in our contemporary media society. Toppled was nominated for the Dutch Doc Award for documentary photography in 2011. Currently Göttke is working on his PhD in Artistic Research entitled "Burning Images – performing effigies as political protest" at the University of Amsterdam and the Dutch Art Institute. His dissertation will combine two discursive narratives: a linear text and a spatial assemblage of images, which follows its own non-linear logic.


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