Oh yes there is!

To know that our alumni thrive*, in so many places and in so many ways, as art workers at the intersections between theory, activism, research and art in all its hybridities, ambiguities, disguises, temporalities, forms, vernaculars and (para-)languages, fills us with pride and joy. 

NB:"thrive" hints at our alumni's meaningful, beautiful being and acting in the world; but sadly not necessarily at their economic status. As educational program we must speak up about the fact that the global conditions under various forms of capitalism remain precarious for (art)workers, regardless of degrees and other forms of recognition.


We are building and maintaining this Alumni Embassy because we love to keep conversations going. Conversations between our current students and our alumni wherever they may go. Conversations between various generations of alumni themselves, as well as conversations between DAI, the ever evolving institution and those alumni committed to contribute to its thinking, now and in the future.

For inclusion on these pages the distinction between with/without certificate is not considered relevant. We are super appreciative of everybody who spent a significant amount of time & energy & love & careful criticality on studying, roaming and living together at and with DAI: you have left traces ~ good vibes! 

Our NON NUCLEAR FAMILY ALBUM at this point, is far from complete, we are constantly delving into our rich, but also somewhat chaotic archives and sometimes google comes in handy as well. This, with the burning desire to fully and beautifully update our portrait gallery. It goes without words, that this will not be possible without your help: so yes, we are by all means open to your input: we hope you will feel perfectly welcome to contact

We invite you to provide us with a selection of key-words, a bio (not a CV) and a "glossy" portrait of yourself. In 2021 we created this new format for all alumni pages, (see  Philippa Driest as an example), which we are gradually implementing. 


DAI is committed, not only to closely follow how our alumni are worldbuilding, but also to support them as good as we can (within our limited means), long after they have left the program.

It goes without words that we are always happy to provide letters of recommendation. We also welcome our alumni back for advise and encouragement, while we promote them whenever we can, wherever this makes sense.

At a CLOSED DAI FACEBOOK page uniquely available to our alumni and students, the DAI regularly posts calls for applications to residencies, research positions, jobs etcetera that might be of interest to our community. If, as an alum or student you are not yet registered, you are welcome to contact Margret Wibmer (


Increasingly alumni are invited back on board of the (soft)spaceship, brilliantly taking up roles as advisors to the Admissions Committee, as writers, as cooks, as communication designers, as fundraisers, co-ordinators, as curators, as facilitators, as filmmakers, as hosts of DAI Roaming Academy in their hometowns (proposals welcome!), as respondents to the Kitchen and as (guest)tutors to COOP study groups or otherwise. The future (of DAI) is in their hands!


The “World” section on our homepage publishes announcements, calls, campaigns, news and invitations, anything that can be of revelance to people within our extended family as well as in our wider networks. Please send your prepared announcements (meaning that visual + text always have to be send in as separate entities) to:


Find out more about DAI alumni in PhD and other post-graduate and third cycle research and fellowship programs.


Building on the strong sense of community across generations of DAI-students, a group of alumni (across year groups) has recently initiated a wonderful project. Recognising that students who are bound to pay international study fees are oftentimes those who come from places that have been systematically excluded and extracted from across centuries by countries such as NL, the DAI Friends & Alumni Grant is a small step towards recognising this asymmetry, and sharing this wealth with others. Wealth distribution = reparations.