DAI Friends & Alumni Grant

A one-off grant for non-EU students in their second year at the DAI

The DAI Friends & Alumni Grant is raising money for a new grant for second-year DAI students from outside the EU. This grant will be shared with eligible and interested DAI  students, who bear financial burden and/or stress in their second year of study.


For international students who have achieved the enormous task of financing a move to the Netherlands to undertake their DAI study, second year is a critical financial and academic time. Non-EU second year students can find this period particularly difficult.  

Upon graduating, non-EU DAI alumni become eligible for funding options that can make it possible to live (often humbly) as an artist in NL. As well as social benefits, there is also state and municipal funding, paid residency programs, and just the basic joy of sometimes being paid to show one’s work. 

The DAI Friends & Alumni Grant recognises that many privileges and opportunities can be traced to the structural wealth generated during the colonial reign of Western European countries and into the present day, of which NL was and is a significant player. 

Students who pay international study fees are oftentimes those who come from places that have been systematically excluded and extracted from across centuries by countries such as NL. DAI Friends & Alumni Grant is a small step towards recognising this asymmetry, and sharing this wealth with others. Wealth distribution = reparations ☺ We encourage you to pay it forward, any amount is welcome.

In 2020 the DAI Friends & Alumni Grant raised €3834 for the grant. 
2.9% of all money donated went towards the campaign platform hosts in 2020, GoFundMe and PayPal. The €3834 awarded is the net amount raised. 

Raúl Silva (DAI, 2021) is the innaugural recipient of the DAI Friends & Alumni Grant 2020.

The 2020 DAI Friends & Alumni Grant is convened by the following alumni: Ulufer Çelik (2018), Valentina Curandi (2017), Clementine Edwards (2018), Lukas Malte Hoffmann (2019) & Zachary Schoenhut (2020). For further information, contact us at Daifriendsgrant@gmail.com. (The short application process will be shared directly with second year students in late November.) 

The conveners wish to continue the grant annually. If this happens, they also wish to have a changing group of alumni, including a recent graduate, convening the grant. This will ensure rolling accountability and that the conveners remain connected to the current student body. Further details will be determined after the administration of the 2020 DAI Friends & Alumni Grant.