Tuition fees for non-EU/EEA Nationals and those who obtained a Master’s degree in the Netherlands before


Dutch higher education is, for the largest part, financed by public funding (the Dutch Ministery of Education).

At the DAI we are seriously invested in working with emerging artists and curators from a true variety of cultural and geopolitical backgrounds and we therefore deeply regret – but cannot change – the fact that since 2008 tuition fees for non-EU & non-EEA nationals have been increased considerably. In that year, unfortunately, the government decided to cease funding Dutch educational institutes for the placements of non-EU/EEA students. In order to enable courses and programs to keep this highly valued group of students on board, universities were bound to privilege one group over the other and to introduce higher tuition fees for non-Europeans, so as to cover some of the costs. Please note that the actual costs made by the DAI per student amount to more then €10.700 on an annual basis. 

Tuition Fees 2020 - 2021

For NON-EU/EEA nationals studying in the Netherlands, the tuition fees at ArtEZ amount to 

Tuition fee: € 10,700 per academic year  

You are eligible for lower tuition fees when you are a family member (see Directive 2004/38/EG) of a citizen with Dutch nationality and you both live in the Netherlands or if you have a regular permanent residence permit (type II), or an asylum residence permit (type III or IV), or if the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF,  pays your tuition fees.

Costs of living outside of the DAI-week

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Registration in the Netherlands, yes or no?

Students who pay the high tuition fees are not bound to register as a resident in the Netherlands as long as they manage to attend the monthly DAI-week while traveling with a legal document. For example: an artist with an Iranian passport currently in the possession of a permit to live in Germany may decide to travel the DAI week on a monthly base. A Turkish artist living in Istanbul may decide that a monthly ticket Istanbul-Amsterdam while living with his/her parents in Istanbul is much cheaper then paying the rent for an apartment in Rotterdam or Amsterdam. You should however keep in mind that your travel costs will always come on top of the tuition fees for non-EU students, plus your contribution to the DAI's Project Fund.

As for regular travels to the Netherlands with a tourist visa and multiple entry visa: it is a student's responsibility to carefully check regulations and international agreements. DAI/ArtEZ cannot take responsibility for your legal rights during your stay in the Netherlands on a tourist visa. But should you decide to officially register as a student in the Netherlands, DAI and ArtEZ will help you with a shortened immigration procedure:

Registration in the Netherlands & visa applications

As a non-EU student wishing to register in the Netherlands, you must transfer

a financial guarantee of 21.644 Euro

(in most cases, confirmed scholarships can be deducted from the financial guarantee).

The financial guarantee should be transferred to the bank account of ArtEZ. Part of this sum (10.770 Euro) is required to prove that you can support yourself financially in the Netherlands for the upcoming academic year, but you can also choose to

prove this by the means of a bank statement.

ArtEZ will use the financial guarantee to pay your tuition fees and to cover the costs of application for entry visa and residence permit (317 Euro) and health insurance (472 Euro).

When you have opened your Dutch bank account, ArtEZ will transfer the remainder of your financial guarantee to this account. Accordingly, you can use the remainder to cover your living expenses and insurance. 

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