What is it to study when your practice cannot be defined by a particular discipline? 

"One of the strengths of the course is the various discourses it is able to address through its artistic trajectory which opens the framework and structures of practice. The study then includes every experience a student wants to bring in, question and further. As as student I did not need to leave something behind to enter the program. In that sense the program is not closed off, but opens the brackets of disciplines, breaking compartments by cultivativating a space for collective thinking. The curriculum is encouraging of what we all bring to the study program. This enables a student to develop the study trajectory specific to their enquiries. This is possible largely because of the range of discourses the tutors are able to attend to as well as the diverse experiences the students bring in offering a unique space to develop a practice based on ‘study’ and not on ‘discipline’. Despite the capacity of the program to ‘individually’ address each of our practices, we ‘collectively’ study. The courses in the program allow space for communicability between the students allowing our diverse socio-political conditions to come in conversation. We learn about each other, with each other."


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