Confirming your Placement

Those who, after the succesful conclusion of the Admissions trajectory, will be invited to join our program have to confirm their placement by formally registering and enrolling.

Instructions will be duly shared. Please be prepared: formally registering and enrolling involves making arrangements for the payment of your tuition (in installments, or otherwise as per September 2024) and, if applicable, your registration with the immigration office (non-EU passport holders who want to move to the NL) we urge you to carefully read ALL information under Finance and under Study within Dutch system.


Please note that you have been selected and invited to enroll for the 2024-2026 trajectory. Deferral till 2025 cannot be granted automatically. You will have to send a motivated request to Marika Vandekraats, coordinator of he Admissions Committee.

There are three answers possible:

- yes, you are welcome to defer (you will keep your placement, but do keep in mind that this expires if we have not heard back from you, ultimately on the 5th of February, 2025).

- perhaps, please contact us again, Spring 2025 and we will see if the situation allows for you to enroll without filing a new application

- no, you will have to submit a new application for 2025-2027.


Caring former DAI-students have devised a document to help you find your way in the Netherlands/Europe. 



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