First phase of the Admissions Trajectory: pre-selection (read only) based on the digital application that you have submitted.

It may take some time before we can inform you via e-mail if you are selected or not selected for the:

Second phase of the Admissions Trajectory:  this entails an in-depth (online) interview with one of the alumni assessors. 

It may take some time before we can inform you via e-mail if you are selected or not selected for the:

Third phase of the Admissions Trajectory: if selected for the third and fourth round you will begin with an online meeting with our Funding Counsellor to discuss finances and other practicalities that must be faced when enrolling and later studying and roaming with DAI. This is the moment to discuss your financial plan for the upcoming two years and to share your concerns. Prior to the conversation you will receive an e-mail with some suggestions to prepare for this meeting. Our Funding Counsellor will help you think through your options and may come up with some good advice.

Fourth phase: you will be invited to engage in an in-depth (online) conversation with Rebecca Sakoun, senior assessor.

It may take some time before we can inform you via e-mail if you are invited to enroll in the 2023-2025 academic study trajectory. If you are indeed accepted into our program you must confirm your placement.

During the interviews:

We see the various stages as the hopeful beginning of a fruitful and perhaps ongoing dialogue between DAI and you, prospective member of our student body.

We will not only have questions for you to respond to, we also heartily extend you the invitation to bring up your own questions (as far as they have not been answered by our website) about the DAI's ways of studying and living together.

After each round, the Admissions Committee will decide about the next step. The third round maybe a good moment for yourself to decide if it is realistic to enrol in September 2023. Some people may need another year to arrange their funding and other practical matters. Read more about deferral.

In general, the outcome of the final decision in regard to your application will be communicated within 8-10 weeks after your submission (depending on the number of applications that have to be processed). Applications from candidates eligible to apply for the ArtEZ and Holland Scholarships will be processed with priority so that the decision will be taken well before the deadline of May 1, 2023. 

Please note that the decision to accept someone into our program rests entirely with the DAI's Admissions Committee, but will be controlled and validated by the Central Exam Committee of ArtEZ University of the Arts. ArtEZ (not DAI) will ask you to send in copies of your official documents such as your passports and your BA or MA certificate. A diploma evaluation will be part of the formalities. 

Confirming your Placement

DAI's Admissions Committee 2023 consists of:

Assessors: Raffia LiRaphael Daibert, Sonia Kazovsky, Dina Mohamed, Leon Filter, Sebastian De Line, Eduardo Cachucho, David Maroto and Aziza Harmel

Raj Sandhu: funding counsellor.

Rebecca Sakoun: leader of the entire trajectory, senior advisor to the prospective students and senior assessor.

Gabriëlle Schleijpen: artistic director & head of program, senior assessor.

Rik Fernhout: chair of the Admissions Committee (no vote), liaising between DAI & the Central Exam Committee and the Student Affairs Department of ArtEZ University of the Arts.




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