First Phase assessors:

Marika Vandekraats (coordinator of the Admissions trajectory) and Gabriëlle Schleijpen (artistic director/head of program).

First phase: pre-selection = read only. Reviewing will be based on all components of the application that you have digitally submitted. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.  

Interview A assessors:

Mia van den Bos, Eduardo Cachucho, Bethany Crawford, Dr. Sebastian De Line, Vinita Gatne, Dr. David Maroto, Harun Morisson, Isabelle Sully

Interview A: this entails an in-depth (online) interview with one of the above mentioned assessors, whereby, next to a hopefully interesting dialogue around your artistic research interests, attention will be paid to your English Language skills. Feel free to bring your own questions/concerns on board!

Interview B assessors:

Nash Caldera, Raphael Daibert, Leon Filter, Aziza Harmel, Sonia Kazovsky, Raffia Li, Dina A. Mohamed.

Interview B: you will be invited to engage in an in-depth (online) conversation with  another assessor. The conversation will depart from your application and look into potential synergies with the DAI curriculum. Whereby, if desired, some attention can be paid to the joy as well as the challenges of living and studying together within the Roaming Academy (emphasis on roaming). Feel free to bring your own questions/concerns on board!

Interview C:

In rare cases when, for whatever reason, the outcome of the Admissions Trajectory can not be fixed after two interviews, you may be invited to a third and final interview. 


After the first phase it may take some time before we can inform you via e-mail if you are selected or not selected for the interview phase of the Admissions process.

Applications from candidates eligible to apply for the ArtEZ and Holland Scholarships will be processed with top priority so that the decision will be taken well before the deadline of May 1, 2024. 

Some candidates will first be invited for only one interview. After the first interview it may take a few days before we can inform you via e-mail if you are selected or not selected for the second and final interview. 

Some candidates will be invited for two interviews straight away.  

It may take between three days and three weeks after the second interview before we can inform you via e-mail if you are invited to enroll in the 2024-2026 academic study trajectory (depending on the number of applications that have to be processed !).

If you are indeed accepted into our program you must confirm your placement a soon as possible.

!!!Only after your official enrolment we can guarantee your placement 2024-2026!!!

This may be a good moment for yourself to decide if it is realistic to enrol in September 2024. Some people may need another year to arrange their funding and other practical matters. Read more about deferral.

Every year there is a small group of applicants whom we can anyway only accept for the year thereafter, due to the number of positive evaluations. Currently this would mean that you will be invited to enroll for 2025-2027 ( beginning Fall 2025).

Should there be a cancellation within the cohort for 2024-2026 we will immediately inform the first person on this list and offer them the placement starting Fall 2024


We see the various stages as the hopeful beginning of a fruitful and potentially ongoing dialogue between DAI and you, prospective member of our student body and wider DAI community.

We will not only have questions for you to respond to, we also heartily extend you the invitation to bring up your own questions (as far as they have not been answered by our website) about the DAI's ways of studying and living together.


Please note that the artistic-academic decision to accept someone into our program rests entirely with the DAI's Admissions Committee, but each of DAI's requests for official admittance/enrollment will be checked by the ArtEZ Student Affairs Department and validated by the Central Exam Committee of ArtEZ University of the Arts.

ArtEZ University of the Arts (not DAI) will ask you to send in copies of your official documents such as a copy of your passport and your BA (or higher) certificate. A diploma evaluation will be part of the formalities conducted by ArtEZ . 

Please re-read our Admissions Requirements page to learn more about admission without BA.

Very important to note as well: the awarding of the ArtEZ and NL scholarships is also centrally organised by ArtEZ University of the Arts in the service of all its educational programs (so not only DAI). Thus, both scholarships come with a highly competitive selection process and we strongly recommend you to think of a PLAN B in case you are not among the small group of lucky awardees. 


When invited to enroll you are welcome to meet with one of our practical counsellors to discuss finances and other practicalities that must be faced when enrolling and studying and roaming with DAI. Prior to the conversation you will receive an e-mail with some questions to prepare our counsellor for this meeting. This is the moment to share your financial plan for the upcoming two years or to share specific personal questions that deal with DAI's modus operandi (this could be in relation to accessibility, health issues or any other personal matters).