Vinita Gatne

Vinita Gatne (Mumbai,1988) is an artist and researcher who graduated from the DAI in 2019. Her current explorations lie in making whimiscal landscapes in order to shift the settings of reality to dimensions of other seldomly visited worlds. She has recently worked as a scenographer in films by Wu Tsang titled 'one emerging from a point of view' and by Marwa Arsanios titled 'micro resistances'.
Her prior training in architecture in Mumbai steered her to be involved in several urban studies with a view to understand the impacts of urbanization on agricultural and fishing communities on the peripheries of Mumbai. She worked with organizations like the World Resource Institute, Collective Research Initiatives Trust, Design Cell of Kamla Raheja, and Urban Design and Research Institute. From this decade of experience working in urban studies, Vinita wrote her MA thesis titled 'Unsettling the Corrective: Aporetic Manuevers against Policy', in order to elaborate on the theories produced and performed in the way of songs by subaltern feminist emancipatory practices in India. In 2016, Vinita was awarded seed funding from Wellcome Trust in collaboration with a legal academic and an artist to study the role of community-led philanthropy for public health in colonial Bombay.

Vinita is currently working on an installation of lenses titled 'offerings' for Bulegoa's upcoming online publication 'Zapi Zuria'. (June, 2020)



Watch Vinita Gatne’s 20 minute presentation for AEROPONIC ACTS ~ growing roots in air ~  entitled:


Learn more about Vinita’s written MA thesis (DAI, 2019): Unsettling the Corrective: Aporetic Maneuvers Against Policy

Vinita Gatne returned to DAI as a part-time / long-distance member of the DAI's Logistics  & Hospitality team