How is the DAI currently embedded in the ArtEZ University of the Arts ?

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"The minor works the major from within". Erin Manning in Minor Gestures. 

Originating in the early 2000s the Dutch Art Institute (DAI) together with other autonomously curated and programmed MA courses and programmes @ArtEZ (apart from DAI also the Werkplaats Typografie, Fashion Held in Common, the International Master Artist Educator, the Master Theatre Practices and several others) recently became part of the Graduate School, inaugurated in 2016, as an experimental, de-disciplined, and collaborative, but not necessarily homogenuous collective within the larger framework of the ArtEZ University of the Arts. A corpus of knowledge, practices, performances, and processes that establish the arts as a creative force of transformation and change in the contemporary times.

The Directors/Heads of the various discrete constituents team up with the Director Growth and Development of the Graduate School, Carin Rustema who thinks and works along with us to build a truly inventive, non-dogmatic, non-hierarchical support structure to foster this laboratory of art research collectives. The ArtEZ University of the Arts is governed by its Executive Board with the Vice President of Research, Nishant Shah, as the Graduate School's dedicated intellectual partner in forward thinking.