Since when does the DAI exist?

tags: Arnhem, Enschede

Both the overriding structure ArtEZ University of the Arts as well as the DAI (a quite distinct, headstrong and equally sovereign "branch" of the ArtEZ Graduate School - the latter being the newly erected support structure for a widely diverse array of Masters plus few PHD programs in status nascendi) result from a merger of 3 formerly independent art schools in 3 different cities in the East of the Netherlands, a long and painstaking proces that started in the late nineties in line with the then omnipresent strive for larger rather then smaller educational structures. The (small !) entity Dutch Art Institute came into being around 2001 when resources from the former postgraduate programs called 'AKI 2' in Enschede and the 'Ateliers Arnhem' were brought together in a tentative way. 

From 2003 onward, under the directorship of Gabriëlle Schleijpen, the DAI's current profile and MA course structure started to be developed, leading to official accreditation in 2007 and the official renewal of this status in 2014