Simon(e) van Saarloos: Science Without Man: the musical


“Does anyone ever sing in the hallways of this institute?” I remember asking Prof. Dr. Ben at the start of my 3 month artist residency at a nanoscience institute. Ben said “no, maybe you’ll hear someone whistling, but singing would be too disruptive.”

Ben and I talked about being a person of color in the white, rational, masculine space of science. He said he’d rather render questions of race unimportant, “it gets too uncomfortable,” he added. Weeks after my residency ended, he sent an email. He was thinking about quitting. “Questioning,” he wrote, “is contagious.” I’d like to think singing is too.

 AEROPONIC  ACTS 2020: Bend It!  

Flavia Dzodan, Amit S. Rai, and Adam Szymczyk responded to Simon(e)'s question How high can you go?