2018 - 2020 Gayatri Kodikal

The Travelling Hand: Palimpsests under moonlit mangroves.

The Traveling Hand is an ongoing enquiry through game making about my encounter with an archaeological artefact at an excavation site in Old Goa, India; a 17th century Georgian queen's dismembered hand, a fragile decaying fragment that produces its own subjective intentionality. It is about a haunting, an interplay of obsession and possession.


Gayatri Kodikal's AEROPONIC ACT The Travelling Hand: Palimpsests under moonlit mangroves.  will be live-streamed from Radio Kootwijk on August 27th at 9:50am

Afterwards Ana Teixeira Pinto, Amit S. Rai and Adam Szymczyk will respond to the question How do we tell ourselves Histories, and have I become Her? 

Learn more about Gayatri Kodikal's written thesis Shapeshift: Worlding and Political Strategies of Embodiment and Gayatri Kodikal's praxis by visiting this website.