Peter Sattler

Peter Sattler is an artistcurrently working and living in Brussels. Together with Kristinn Guðmundsson he is part of a collaborative duo.
Their work varies from numerous artistic approaches, including installations, video, sculpture, performance, and photography, and has been shown around Europe.




Excerpt from Peter Sattler's 20 minute presentation ((A)roma))nce / A roadtrip on an organic, dark brown stream of consciousness or what is the value of hanging out for Speaking Without Thumbs,  July 2016

Learn more about Peter | Kristinn's thesis (DAI, 2016): A Theory of Bromancehood

Peter Sattler and Kristinn Guðmundsson's website

Peter Sattler returned to DAI  as production leader & technical facilitator. In that role he can be contacted via e-mail: <>