Peter Sattler

Peter Sattler (AT) is a visual artist and researcher currently working and living in Brussels.

Between 2009 and 2017 he has been closely collaborating with Kristinn Gudmundsson (DAI, 2016). During this period they have been committed to a practice as duo, which resulted in works that have been shown around Europe.

In December 2022 they re-united and together started to host, cook and design a series of dinner events, called ‘Bread and Butter Supper’, to which they bring their individual passions and interests in food. These curated dinners offer them a way to share their new research as well as older works, with audiences, offering people a collective experience and platform of pleasure and knowledge creation.

Apart from teaming up with Kristinn, Peter also processes and digests research through other artistic forms and approaches, such as film/video, installation, performance and writing. 

This entailed a collaboration with the ‘Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien’ and a research fellowship at the Botanical Institute of Brera University Milano (2020-2022), where he worked extensively on the history of the botanical archive of Orchids and its rooted colonial narratives in Western academia. 

Through different forms of collective storytelling, the histories, ontologies, ecologies and economies of colonial structures are explored and stretched, rather than merely observed. 

Notions of friendship, curiosity and being together animate Peter Sattler's process, while he attempts to challenge perceptions of authenticity, nature and sustainability.




Peter Sattler returned to DAI  as production leader & tech facilitator. In that role he can be contacted via e-mail: <>

Excerpt from Peter Sattler's 20 minute presentation ((A)roma))nce / A roadtrip on an organic, dark brown stream of consciousness or what is the value of hanging out for Speaking Without Thumbs,  July 2016

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