Kristinn Guðmundsson and Peter Sattler: A Theory of Bromancehood

Advisor/tutor: Bassam El Baroni

Arnhem, June 2016


How to feed our work with this? Hanging out, friendship, labour, gender and laziness which is defined as the quality of being unwilling to work or use energy. The thesis consists out of two parts. Part 1, Narrative, contains exercises in form of letters, stories and Manifesto. Part 1 has been fuelled by coffee. Part 2, A reader of sorts, is the theory and philosophy that has fed the construction of our performative narratives. Moreover, theories on masculinity, Jean Baudrillard’s text Seduction, Judith Butler’s book Gender Trouble as feminist theory and a way to create an inclusive feminist discourse, and Laboria Cubonik's Xeno Feminist Manifesto about gender and sexual forms to show the potentiality of a post-gender definition of Bromance, make up the important theoretical groundwork on our research. This thesis led to the performative work ((A(roma))nce A road trip on a dark brown stream of consciousness, or what is the value of hanging out in times of crisis.KG&PS