Planetary Campus

DAI's MA in Art Praxis study trajectory offers our students 3 distinctive curriculum components. The students are required to take part in all 3 of them:

1.COOP study groups

2.How To Do Things With Theory

3.Planetary Campus (described on this page)

Planetary Campus ~ Curatorial Framework

Planetary Campus aggregates interfaces between the positions, discourses, methods and practices we encounter or bring when we are landing and studying in different geographical contexts while making connection to wider networks ~ as institution and as individuals. By means of this curriculum component, perspectives on co-production and co-creation, on orality and performativity, on research and publicness, on the poetics and politics of (your) study at DAI (and beyond) will be shared and explored.

To see how Planetary Campus as an accredited curriculum component is embedded in the DAI Art Praxis exam regulations you are advised to consult the Planetary Campus Educational Framework at the Syllabus 2022-2023.

Planetary Campus unfolds its learning goals through a variety of formats: