Planetary Campus

Planetary Campus is the curriculum constituent where our MA Art Praxis invites individuals and parties (internal and external) to form temporary alliances while engaging with the process and the of study.

Planetary Campus is an interface between academia and the world:

*where art and research are generously shared, also outside the confinement of the classroom

*where complexity can be embraced

*where intellectual intra-actions are fostered

*where new perspectives on co-production and co-creation,  on orality and performance, research and publicness, can be explored.

It operates a variety of formats in which DAI-students are invited to take up different roles: presenter, assistant, reporter, researcher, participant, and last but not least: listener.

To see how Planetary Campus as a curriculum component is formally embedded in the accredited DAI Art Praxis MA study trajectory you are advised to consult our  SYLLABUS 2020-2021

Planetary Campus is the container for a variety of activities initiated and supported by the DAI: