Amal Alhaag

Amal Alhaag is an Amsterdam-based independent curator, dj, and researcher who develops ongoing experimental and collaborative research practice, public programs, and projects on global spatial politics, archives, colonialism, counter-culture, oral histories, and popular culture. Her projects and collaborations with people, initiatives, communities and institutions invite, stage, question, and play with "uncomfortable" issues that riddle, rewrite, remix, share, and compose narratives in impermanent settings.





Amal Alhaag was involved in DAI in light of our revered partnership with the curatorial team of sonsbeek20-24

2021-2022 COOP study group ~ A Blues For Essential Workers

2022 Roaming Assembly#30 presents sonsbeek Council#4: A Blues for the Tired, Salty, Essential Worker.

2021 Roaming Assembly#29 presents Sonsbeek Council#3 ~ SEXWORK IS HONEST WORK

2020 Roaming Assembly#28 presents Sonsbeek Council#2 ~ Infectious Waves ~ on power and radio.

2020 AEROPONIC ACTS ~ Bend it!