Directly following each of the 5 regular DAI Confluence each student hands in a pragmatic report of minimum 350 words – maximum 1000 words in which they are asked to introspectively reflect on their participation & learning goals in all things "study with DAI".

Ideally these written statements glue together self-evaluation and a student's DAI Week log or notebook and will be entrusted to the Weaver Team which consist of the Head of Program, the two Education Leaders and the Study Trajectory Coordinator. It is this team that will oversee the totality of each student's study process and will offer guidance and support when navigating the different, yet interlinked curriculum components pose any difficulties.  

2023-2024 ECTS first year: 5 (140 hours)

2023- 2024 ECTS second year: 4 (112 hours)

What: self-study with task, based on presence during the DAI Confluences. 

Testing: formative.

Evaluation: pass or fail - to be accredited by the Weaver Team on an annual basis. For the evaluation no artistic or theoretical criteria for evaluation will be applied. This curriculum component is uniquely designed to support a student's individual study trajectory.