2016 - 2020 Sara Benaglia


There is a disciplinary continuity of Ancient and Renaissance studies in Italy. This continuity was conserved during fascism, an ideology that implied also a modern iteration of the classical world. The post-war antiquities of the penninsula inherited certain exclusions in the dominant story of the Renaissance. Such erasures could be integral and fundamental aspects to comprehend the construction of the "ideology of the future.” So, my question is: Can an ideology be detached from its predecessor? 

LVNATICA is a short draft of a book that I started to write few months ago. Its object of research is the interpretation of the “V” gesture in paintings realized by illustrious artist of Mannerism in the territories of La Serenissima in the 16th century. The iconographic apparatus stems form and then builds upon the text by Mauro Zanchi, Sotto il Segno di Diana. Tiziano, Palma il Vecchio e i misteri della Grande Dea (2015), but the argument diverge from the original.


Sara Benaglia 's AEROPONIC ACT  LVNATICA will be live-streamed from Radio Kootwijk on August 25th at 9.50 am

Afterwards Flavia Dzodan, Adam Szymczyk and .... (tbc) will respond to the question: Can an ideology be detached from its predecessor? 


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