DAI BULLETIN | WEEK 4 & 5, 4 - 18 March 2020 in Tunisia

Aziza Harmel: They Have Thrown The Scouts In The Sea (2013). An investigation into the lives of the author's grandparents who were leaders in the Tunisian Communist party. After the Tunisian uprising in 2011, the author interprets documents from her grandparent's own archive as well as national archives and popular cinema to construct a story of her family's involvement in the liberation of Tunisia from France. A research project aimed to question "prescribed notions of truth, history, gender" and memory. The book is part of the "Publishing Class: How to Live Together" series, a collaboration in the academic year 2012 -2013 between the Dutch Art Institute (DAI), the Werkplaats Typografie and Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons .

DAI WEEK 4 & 5, 4 - 18 March 2020 in Tunesia

Dear comrades, allies, friends, relations,

Last year we spent two full DAI Weeks in Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia. Our host in Cagliari, DAI-alumnus Luca Carboni drew our attention to the fact that the distance between South-Sardinia and Tunisia is only 280 km as the crow flies, around 700 km less than the distance from Caglari to Rome... During our powerful Roaming Assembly#25 which took place on the final day of our academic year, we reflected on the authorities, under which heteronormative, conservative, nationalist, xenophobic, neo-colonial and racist discourses, legislations and consciences are built, in a Europe that is slowly sinking. We contemplated the waves of the waters that contour Europe and Africa, waves that connect and divide us. This month we will be back on the shores of the Mediterranean, but this time we will have Europe at a distance and we'll engage with North-Africa instead. Our host and special guest tutor this month is another DAI alum, the amazing Aziza Harmel who will guide us while we are accommodated in her home town Sidi Bou Said, Tunis, Tunisia, for the duration of two full DAI Weeks.

Apart from attending to our regular curriculum components How To Do Things With Theory and the COOP study groups, we will also open our Planetary Campus to the public in Tunis and, very generously hosted by B7L9 – Art Station in La Marsa, welcome you on March the 8th for 

Roaming Assembly# 27 where we will proudly present Sonsbeek Council #1 Force Times Distance - On Labour and its Sonic Ecologies.

This is the first of many happenings evolving from the DAI's partnership with sonsbeek 20->24, the quadrennial that radiates waves outward from Arnhem, The Netherlands to the rest of the world and back. 

Tunis based art researchers with an interest in experimental forms of education in general, and/or the DAI in particular are more then welcome to join us on March 7 and/or 9 for The Kitchen. For additional information you may want to contact r.fernhout@artez.nl

The tutors and guests on board this month to contribute to the defining modules of our program are as follows:

Planetary Campus:

Antonia Alampi, Janine Armin, Giulia Crispiani,  Iheb Guermazi, Aziza Harmel, Amal Khalaf, Thokozani Mhlambi, Alia Mossallam, Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, Beya Othmani, The Saida Manoubia Musical Troupe of Najoua Balti, Ali Saidane, The Sidi Ali Lasmar Stambali group , Ali Tnani,  Gabriëlle SchleijpenBaha Görkem Yalim, and Nikos Doulos,

COOP study groups:

(in partnership with Bulegoa/zb, Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons, Diakron, If I Can't Dance I Don't Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution, SAVVY Contemporary, State of Concept.)

Sepake AngiamaAkinbode AkinbiyiAntonia Alampi, Julia Morandeire ArrizabalagaMarwa Arsanios, Jalila Baccar, iLiana FokianakiSara GianniniSam Hart, Essia Jaibi, Yolande van der Heide (for Nina bell F) Aslak Aemot Kjaerulff,  Bjarke Hvass Kure, Arlette-Louise NdakozeFrancesc Ruiz, Manel Souissi, Leire VergaraHypatia VourloumisGeo WyethArnisa Zeqo, Vivian Ziherl and Nikos Doulos.

Remote contributions by: Clara Amaral, Jon Mikel Euba, Eduardo Kohn, Lars Bang Larsen, Ruth Noack & SolLikeSoul, Jenna SutelaElvia Wilk , Baha Görkem Yalim & Hypatia Vourloumis

Remote contibutions How To Do Things With Theory:

Stefano Harney, Antonia MajacaRachel O'Reilly, Ana Teixeira Pinto, Ghalya Saadawi, Hypatia Vourloumis  and Florian Göttke.

DAI Week 4 & 5 Crew (making it all possible), present in Tunis: 

*senior co-ordinator care, hospitality and logistics: Jacq van der Spek

*facilitator technical support & general coordination in Tunis: Peter Sattler

*and last but not least, with the culinary input of Elyes Lariani

The detailed day-to-day program for the entire week in Tunis is to be found below in the BULLETIN (PLEASE RETURN TO IT ON A DAILY BASIS AS THE SCHEDULE MAY BE UPDATED) 



OOREDOO SIM Card purchase location:

Shoping Mall Zéphyr La Marsa - Avenue Habib Bourguiba, Marsa

(passport required)

Students accommodation:

Hotel Sidi Bou Said – Avenue Sidi Dhrif

Staff accommodation:

Hotel Bou Fares – 15, rue Bou Fares

Kitchen presentations:

Lezart & Mad’Art Cinema - Rue Hbib Bourguiba (train station Dermech) 

Roaming Assembly#27:

B7L9 – Art Station


Dar Saydouna - 11 Impasse Snoussi

Dar El Fell - 3 rue Korsi Sollah

Boundless Blue - rue Taieb Mhiri

L'Appartement d'Art – rue du Parc

Gallery Selma Feriani - 8, rue Taieb Mhiri

El Palazzino - rue du front de mer

Hotel Sidi Bou Said – Avenue Sidi Dhrif

Meetingpoint, Lunch & Dining:

Hotel Bou Fares – 15, rue Bou Fares



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