Ghalya Saadawi

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Ghalya Saadawi earned her PhD, “Rethinking the Witness Art After the Lebanese Wars,” from Goldsmiths’ Department of Sociology in 2015, and is currently senior lecturer at the Centre for Research Architecture, Department of Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths University of London, and theory tutor at the Dutch Art Institute, ArtEZ University of the Arts. She was adjunct faculty in the department of Fine Arts and Art History at the American University of Beirut between 2011-2019, and between 2015-2017, she was Resident Professor of the Ashkal Alwan Home Workspace Program (Beirut). In December 2018, Saadawi was Mercator Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Cultures of Critique Research Training Group at Leuphana University, Luneberg, Germany. 

Together with others, Saadawi is working towards an Art Protocol, a long-term research project and framework that considers regulation and law in contemporary art institutions and infrastructures. She is currently at work on three writing projects: an essayistic memoir on hypochondria and its medical, melancholic, political and feminist associations; an article on art infrastructure and protocol;  an essay on the contemporaneity and political economy of Lebanese contemporary art. Saadawi sometimes co-edits Makhzin, a nascent magazine for new writing in English and Arabic, with founding editor and writer Mirene Arsanios and poet Iman Mersal, and she is affiliated with the Beirut Institute for Critical Research and Analysis (BICAR). 

Areas of research, teaching and supervision broadly include theories and histories of witnessing and testimony; Lebanese visual art, documentary, and film; Marxist and post-Marxist modern and contemporary art theory; social/critical theory; aesthetics and politics; art and law; contemporary art, transnationalism and cultural politics, among others. 

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