Sidi Ali Lasmar troop

tag: Tunis

The Sidi Ali Lasmar troop is one of the troops that still practice the Stambali type of music-therapeutic rite in Tunisia. In the heart of the medina of Tunis, in one of the last houses dedicated to Stambali, Riadh Ezzawech and Sidi Ali Lasmar's troupe, keep this tradition alive while directing the public towards artistic expressions that take their roots in the memory of the African continent.

The association Tunisian Stambali Culture "sidi ali lasmar" founded on May 23, 2016 in Tunis aims to contribute to the preservation of the art of Stambali as cultural heritage and musical heritage of Tunisia.

Throughout the Maghreb, a cult of spirits has spread through the routes traced between the Maghreb and Sub-Saharan Africa. Called Gnawa in Morocco, Diwan in Algeria and Stambali in Tunisia, this cult bears witness to the history of this therapeutic practice and the richness of this musical heritage.