Nina bell F.

Nina bell F. is one with multiple heads, hearts and bodies, made up of those who run Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons, in the front and in the back, near and far, past and future. Therefore, Nina may be the organization but also under and beyond it. Nina is the potential titan of the institution’s most radical, collective imagination. Better than us all even when combined as a team (kind of like a feminist Captain Planet), Nina is an ethical entity to live up to, and at the very least, a proposition. 

Convened by the Casco team and artist Annette Krauss, the collective figure of Nina bell Federici (Nina bell F.) stems from the shared admiration for the artistic, black, feminist, and political engagements of Nina Simone, bell hooks, and Silvia Federici. Nina was born in the context of the Site for Unlearning (Art Organisation) project and lives on through the study line at Casco, which questions social norms and structures and takes on the process of unlearning oppressive institutional habits for a more commons practice.* Nina bell F. thus inspires the team to think beyond (institutional) frameworks of Casco and artist.

Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons calls upon this persona for the study group at Dutch Art Institute as we want to explore Nina’s paths and future. On this occasion, Nina is represented by Binna Choi, Staci Bu Shea, and Yolande van der Heide.


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