Nikos Doulos

tag: Utrecht

Nikos Doulos holds an MFA from the DAI (Dutch Art Institute).

Since 2011 he is a member of the Expodium collective, where he employs artistic means in a continuous search for a sustainable, innovative and human approach to challenges that cities are confronted with as a result of ever-ongoing urban processes.

"Expodium is a collective of three [Nikos Doulos, Friso Wiersum, Bart Witte]. Through a variety of methods of artistic research, we generate vital information about urban areas and at the same time activate those areas and their users. We are a satellite at grass-root level; framing local developments in global discourse. We document, archive, contextualize and frequently publish information and knowledge generated through our practice. We work unsolicited and we are for hire. We work with an international network of artists, architects, academics and the likes for mutual brain-picking. We collaborated with and worked for housing corporations, local governments, museums, universities, festivals and art institutions. We stroll and awe".