DAI BULLETIN | WEEK 9, 24 - 30 JUNE 2019

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Dear students, alumni and colleagues, 

This month DAI’s soft spaceship returns to Sardinia, where we will wind up a prolific year of study and conviviality, and will share our findings in the context of the COOP study groups with each other and with the public.

In close collaboration with Luca Carboni (DAI, 2018), we will be presenting COOP Summit 2019 (June 28 & 29) followed by Roaming Assembly#25: Radio Mutiny (June 30) accommodated by institutional and less institutional hosts in and around the city of Cagliari.

The 30th of June will also mark the end of the two year study trajectory of our astonishingly bright and equally lovely and dear second year students Olivia Abächerli, Joannie Baumgartner, Ciprian Burete, Sara Cattin, Lucie Draai, Lukas Malte Hoffmann, Dina Mohamed, Yen Noh, Karina Sarkissova, Zoe Scoglio, Leeron Tur-Kaspa, Duruo Wang, Polly Wright, Clara Amaral, Matthieu Blond, Livio Casanova, Bethany Crawford, Teresa Distelberger, Vinita Gatne, Irati Irulegui Otermin, Samantha McCulloch, Sofia Montenegro, Edel O'Reilly, Elien Ronse, Eric Peter, Clara Saito, Jasmin Schädler and Ciarán Wood. 

It is with a heavy heart but also with great confidence in their future journeys, which will doubtlessly bring them to places where they can shine and be of relevance to the communities they care for, journeys which, hopefully, once in a while, will also bring them back to DAI. And if that aint easy, who knows, one early morning, DAI's spaceship might suddenly pop up in their backyard. But first things first: on the 30th of June we will toast and toast again to all of that and much, much more: around sunset, at the Lazzaretto di Cagliari. 

But before this solemn moment has arrived, there is a full week ahead of us. June 24,25,26,27 are reserved for the preparations for COOP SUMMIT 2019 but these will also offer us some time to wrap up our conversations on all things DAI (for better or for worse).

I am available for any individual (student or tutor) or any group (curriculum, care, other) wanting to share thoughts, concerns, news, ask questions or otherwise.

Please have at look here, at my schedule in Cagliari and do not hesitate to send me an e-mail to reserve one of the available slots. You are more than welcome !


Gabriëlle Schleijpen 

artistic director | head of program 


for the Planetary Campus,

iLiana Fokianaki, Heba Y. Amin, Ana Devic ́ (WHW), Stefano Levidis (Forensic Architecture), Giorgia Linardi (Sea-Watch), Daniela Ortiz,  Montecristo Project and Nikos Doulos. 

for the COOP Summit 2019,

Navine G. Khan-DossosMarwa ArsaniosBassam El Baroni, María Berrios, Marc Roig Blesa, James Bridle, Binna ChoiRogier DelfosLeon Filter, Sara GianniniFlorian GöttkeTina GverovićAslak Aamot KjaerulffBjarke Hvass Kure, Ruth Noack, Jorinde Seijdel, Arnisa ZeqoGeo WyethMi You, Leire Vergara and Nikos Doulos

We are especially thrilled that, following our wonderful days together in Berlin, Ayesha Hameed will join us, once again, in Cagliari, this time in a dual role: she will not only attend our public events in Cagliari in order to write a review about them, immediately afterwards she will travel onward to Arnhem, where she, on the 3th of july, in her role of "domain specific expert" will deliver a spoken reflection on the DAI's modus operandi, addressing the expert panel, which will visit us at WALTER books as part of our upcoming accreditation

The detailed day-to-day program for the entire week (+ extensions) in Cagliari is to be found underneath. 

DAI WEEK 9 Crew (making it all possible), present in Cagliari:  

*host of this DAI week: Dai Alumnus Luca Carboni

*general logistics co-ordinator: Jacq van der Spek

*assisted by this month's logistic assistant: tba

*and with the input of chef Il Rifugio dei Sapori - a restaurant based on the respect for natural resources and the environment. Thanks to a close-knit network of local farmers, it offers a sophisticated and ever-changing menu with strictly seasonal products, expanding the awareness of nature's rhythms and proposing a responsible model of consumption.

*study trajectory support: Rik Fernhout 

*technical assistance:  Ricardo Liong-A-Kong.

*documentation Roaming Assembly/COOP Summit 2019: Silvia Ulloa



DAI BULLETIN | WEEK 9 | June 24 - June 30 2019

+ 5 prior COOP Study Group extensions [information at bottom of bulletin] 


Location: Cagliari, Sardinia

Students accommodation: Hostel Marina

Tutors accommodation: Hotel Italia

A map with all locations can be found here.

Links to the individual locations are with each event. 

Program per day:

Monday 24 June, 2019

Tuesday 25 June, 2019

Wednesday 26 June, 2019

Thursday 27 June, 2019

Friday 28 June, 2019

Saturday 29 June, 2019

Sunday 30 June, 2019

Monday 1 July, 2019

End of Final DAI Week

Wednesday 3 July, 2019 

~ Site-visit DAI Accreditation NVAO

 End of academic year 2018-2019 ~

COOP (prior to DAI week) extensions:

Extension location: Sala Mostre Temporanee, Cittadella dei Musei, Piazza Arsenale 1 & ExArt Cagliari (in the evening).

Extension location: Ex Manifattura Tabacchi (room 201)

Extension location: Museo Nivola & various location in Orani, Sardinia

Extension location: Controra - Oreri Iniziativa Editoriale

Extension location: Hostel Marina (communal room)

As a re-newed introduction to our second landing in Cagliari we recommend you to watch:

Luca Carboni choses the title ATLANTIS FIRST! to frame an ongoing artistic, political and cultural research, aimed at problematising some aspects of the making of a contemporary Sardinian identity.

Furat chie benit de su mari (Robbers come from the sea) ~ a video registration of a lecture by Luca Carboni (DAI 2018)