DAI BULLETIN | WEEK 7 | 16 - 22 March 2018



But not many people know the river of my village. And where it comes from. And where it's going. And so, because it belongs to less people, The river of my village is freer and greater
(From: The Keeper of Sheep by Alberto Caeiro / Fernando Pessoa)

Dear all,

The DAI spaceship is about to briefly return to its haven in precious Arnhem, the Netherlands. But before we inform you about our plans for the upcoming DAI Week days along the Lower Rhine, we are very proud to share with you that, our comrade and partner (respectively as director of Casco in Utrecht and after 2008 as director of The Showroom in London) as well as returning member of our tutorial team since 2008; the brilliant, radically generous 

Emily Pethick

has been appointed as the new director of the Rijksacademie. We wish to congratulate the prestigious two-year residency program in Amsterdam with this intelligent and vigorous choice for truly new directions, new conversations and new openings, for change-making female leadership. It goes without words that we, at DAI regret that after the summer Emily will not return as lead tutor in our Curating Positions study group, but we eagerly anticipate stimulative collaborations between our funky Roaming Academy and the stately "Rijks", in addition to our other cherished partnerships. Shared concerns, positions and inspirations will keep DAI in ongoing productive conversation with Emily Pethick and thus with the institution she will soon be leading.

On an entirely different note we like to draw your attention to the powerful re-design of

our website.

We congratulate our designer Lauren Alexander (DAI, 2011) and her collaborator Hanna Rullmann with their excellent work and thank them for their ongoing commitment to the DAI !

Also not unimportant: the deadline of our first applications round is coming up VERY soon: March 20 !! This is of particular importance to prospective MA students holding Non-Eu passports and wishing to apply for a Holland-and/or ArtEZ scholarship. Please help us spread the news. Thanks a million. 

Amidst a wealth of extremely relevant, high profile symposia and conferences, all taking place in the Netherlands within the time span of one (one!) week we are slightly concerned that you may feel overwhelmed by this intellectual cornucopia. We nevertheless warmly invite you to join us on Sunday, 18 March at Theater aan de Rijn, for yet another public moment. We will host the 20th edition of our Roaming Assembly, this time curated by Ruth Noack, another venerated member of the DAI's tutorial team. Our assembly will stand out, because of it's intimate scale and convivial atmosphere as well as curator Ruth Noack's sharp and original selection of guests, who, together with some of our students will take the stage. So please be welcome to join us in Arnhem for

Between Subversion and Hallucination 

The esteemed Roaming Assembly guests will actively take part in the seventh roaming DAI Week of the 2017-2018 DAI Art Praxis trajectory. During this DAI Week our master students will furthermore team up with regular tutors and their guests. The seminars, face-to-face meetings, workshops, walks, performances, presentations, study-sessions, round tables, rituals, screenings and small excursions, interspersed with countless communal meals will all take place in or around Arnhem, in and around the unparalleled fem-led political bookstore & temporary communal living room WALTER books.

The tutors and guests on board this month to contribute to the defining modules of our program are as follows:

How to do Things with Theory:

Bassam el BaroniSven LüttickenRachel O'Reilly, Marina Vishmidt and Hypatia Vourloumis  

Planetary Campus: 

John BarkerAnna Daučíková, Haytham el-Wardany, Sonia Kazovsky, David Maroto, Anja SchefferSharon SliwinskiRuth Noack and Veronica Valentini and Margret Wibmer

COOP Academy:

Marwa ArsaniosDiann BauerFrédérique BergholtzPauline Curnier JardinBassam el BaroniAnnie Fletcher, Sara Giannini, Florian Göttke, David Hillmer Rex, Bjarke Hvass Kure, Navine G Khan-DossosRuth NoackRachel O'Reilly, Luke PendrellGhalya Saadawi, Jorinde SeijdelSuze May Sho and Mirjam Westen

To read more about how the curriculum components structure our program you can consult our syllabus. The detailed day-to-day program for the entire week (+ extensions) in Arnhem is to be found underneath. 


Gabriëlle Schleijpen, 

artistic director | head of program

DAI Week 7 Crew (making it all possible), present in Arnhem: Henri AllesRik Fernhout, Krista Jantowskilarose, Ricardo Liong-A-Kong, Pick-Up, Peter Sattler, Joy M. SmithJacq van der SpekSilvia UlloaDawid Uszyński, Corine van der Wal, and our invaluable student assistants. 

DAI WEEK 7 | 16 - 22 March 2018

Location: Arnhem, The Netherlands

Friday, 16 March, 15:00 hrs ~ to ~ Thursday, 22 March, 14:00 hrs

+ Two COOP Academy extensions [information at bottom of bulletin] 

Practical Information

Program by day: 

Friday, 16 March

Saturday, 17 March

Sunday, 18 March

Monday, 19 March

Tuesday, 20 March

Wednesday, 21 March

Thursday, 22 March

COOP Academy extensions:

Participants of Opera Corruption will continue their seminars in Arnhem until Sunday, 25 March and participants of Proximity Aesthetics will continue their seminars in Arnhem until Monday afternoon, 26 March.