Suze May Sho: art, design, curation - collective

| tag: Arnhem

Suze May Sho is a collective comprised of Rosell Heijmen (1973), Connie Nijman (1973) and Jessica Helbach (1972), educated, respectively, in Liberal Arts, Graphic Design and Fashion Design.
The interaction within the collective and the varying backgrounds are echoed in the exhibitions they have created for the Arnhem Fashion Biennale (2005-2011), Museum of Modern Art, Arnhem (Snippets 2003 and Six Yards Guaranteed Dutch Design 2012) and Historic Museum of Arnhem (La Maison de Poupeé 2009), among others. The necessity to collaborate and the quest for an outcome that is more than the sum of its parts are the underlying themes. The overriding goal is to present art and design to a diverse audience.