Annie Fletcher

Annie Fletcher is chief curator at the Van Abbemuseum. Recent and current projects include the solo of Qiu Zhijie , the ten day caucus project in collaboration with DAI called Becoming More in 2017, a collaborative research project led by Vivian Ziherl called Frontier Imaginaries Trade Markings in 2018 and a large scale and travelling museum retrospective of the Otolith Group in 2019. As a curator Fletcher is interested how this practice now firmly established in institutions of contemporary art (through artworks, buildings, programmes, spaces and bodies) achieve resonance in public space today. She will look at curatorial modes and practices which actively address how the art institution has been released from the production of progressive or modernist time and fixed ideas of autonomous praxis and rather address more heterogeneous, constitutive and complex ideas of time and space today. She is interested in how and whether the mode of the exhibition, or a cultural programme/narrative, or put more simply the encounter with art, can generate relevant shared civic space today.


Annie Fletcher at the DAI:

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