Our final application deadline was July 1, 2018.


(We're leaving this section up as a general reference for those interested in applying for 2019-21; please be aware that some aspects/dates are likely to shift....)

Those holding a non-EU citizenship and who have applied for DAI Art Praxis by May 1 are eligible to be nominated for the ArtEZ Scholarship (deadline for the second round of this scholarship is June 16).

(It is no longer possible to send in a new application that needs to be considered for the  Holland Scholarship this year – March 20 was the only application round for which a non-EU applicant could be nominated for both the Holland as well as the ArtEZ scholarship. The Holland Scholarship 2018 has one deadline (May 1) whereas the ArtEZ Scholarship 2018 has two rounds: first deadline May 1, second deadline June 16. In all cases you can only apply if you are already accepted into our program). 

Whatever passport you are holding, you are still absolutely welcome to apply up until our third deadline July 1, 2018, but you will have to search for external funding possibilities. For those have officially received an offer of acceptance into our program, we offer (limited) advice in this regard. For incoming students, it goes without saying that we will be happy to provide you with a letters of acceptance or recommendation as needed for your scholarship applications. 

Before Applying

To save your – as well as our – precious time and energy we ask you to familiarize yourself with all things DAI: 

but particularly with all things Finance and Study in the Netherlands

And then go to

Admission Requirements

and then to


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