Dear, esteemed prospective student, eager to become part of DAI's 2020-2022 roaming community,

(for updates on Covid-19 in relation to our programming you are kindly invited to visit this page


While we are in the process of reviewing the second round of applications we're fully aware that some candidates have been experiencing difficult or extra-busy circumstances and were unable to apply by the May 13 deadline.

So YES, If you're interested to apply, we do encourage you to start working on your DAI-application right away (you can find the link to the digital form below). Please keep returning to this space, as we will soon announce the new, third round deadline.

First things first: you are most welcome to learn more about our


Take your time to read them here: Admission Requirements

Please do not contact us for information that can be found on our website. We kindly ask you to search it as good as you can.

It is not conditional, but if you are up for an in-depth view on location, you are welcome to schedule a visit during one of our DAI-weeks (see Calendar). 

This also applies to our on line sessions (which we are organising during the Covid-19 crisis)!

Contact Rik Fernhout to make arrangements in advance.

To be kept informed of our public program and our DAI-week sessions you are welcome to subscribe to our mailing list & social media at the bottom of this page. 


Please click


if you want to receive our application form.


Due to regulations regarding immigration as well as the time needed for the application process for international study funding, we strongly encouraged non-EU passport holders to apply with priority for the first round which has now passed. It is however still possible to apply for the final, second deadline. 

In case a scholarship fund requires a letter of acceptance before our application round deadline, applicants should contact us.


First deadline for EU passport holders and high priority deadline for applications of non-EU passport holders was March 18. Thank you for your applications, they are currently being reviewed by our Admissions Committee.

Second deadline for EU passport holders and low priority deadline for applications of non-EU passport holders was Wednesday 13 May 2020 at 23:59:59 (GMT +1).

Third and final deadline: coming up soon.


Reviewing of your applications by our Admissions Committee (chaired and co-ordinated by Rebecca Sakoun and furthermore consisting of the DAI's director and five DAI alumni, practicing, researching and living in various locales across the world (from South Africa to North Africa to Canada to Europe) will begin from May 14 onward: pre-selected candidates will be invited (via e-mail) to one, possibly two Skype-interviews. 

We see this interview as the hopeful beginning of a fruitful and perhaps ongoing dialogue between DAI and you, prospective member of our student body, and our wider community. We will not only have questions for you to respond to, but would like to offer you the opportunity to bring up your own questions (as far as they have not been answered by our website) about the DAI's ways of studying and living together, as well. 


In general, the outcome of the admissions trajectory will be communicated within 6-8 weeks (depending on the number of applications that have to be processed).


Those who will be invited to join our program have to confirm their placement by formally registering and enrolling within MAX 4 weeks after receiving our Letter of Acceptance. Instructions will be duly shared. Please be prepared: this involves making arrangements for the payment of your tuition (in instalments, or otherwise as per September 2020) and, if applicable, your registration with the immigration office (non-EU passport holders who want to move to the NL) we urge you to carefully read ALL information under Finance and under Study within Dutch system. Our colleagues Rik Fernhout and Margret Wibmer will be available to advise you in regard to your "landing" in the Netherlands / Europe. Last but not least, caring former DAI-students have devised a document to help you with your landings in the Netherlands/Europe.