2nd round application deadline:

05 MAY 2019 __ before 23:59:59 (NL time)


> please note that applications submitted before 05 May will not be reviewed until 06 May

> the 1st application deadline (17 MARCH 2019) is now closed. Only Non-EU applicants who met the 17 March deadline are eligible to apply for 2019 ArtEZ and/or Holland Scholarships (internal deadline: 01 May).

> Non-EU applicants who have found other funding options and EU applicants are very welcome to apply for the 2nd round__05 MAY deadline.


Thank you for your submissions. Your uploaded application materials & portfolio will be evaluated by the Admissions Committee. Promising candidates, who pass the first online selection round, will be invited for interview(s) via Skype. In most cases a decision about your application will be conveyed to you within six to eight weeks. 

If you come across an application deadline for a scholarship or educational grant you are eligible to apply for (which is earlier than May 2019), and if the funding agency explicitly requires a letter of acceptance from the educational institution at which you wish to study – please contact us.


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