ArtEZ Scholarships

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Updated information and 2019-20 deadlines will be posted here when available. Old guidelines below are for reference only.


From a communique issued by our overriding university, the ArtEZ University of the Arts:

For the study year 2018-2019 ArtEZ has the honour of offering the brightest and most excellent students from outside the European Economic Area an ArtEZ scholarship. The scholarship amounts to € 5.000,- per chosen student, per year, for the duration of the degree course. The scholarship is paid (or subtracted from the tuition fee), at the beginning of each study year, if and when, the student advances to the next study year.



The scholarships will be granted solely to new students, choosing to start their study in September 2018, and paying the higher tuition fee.
Each ArtEZ degree course can nominate the students they feel most deserve the opportunity to study with an ArtEZ Scholarship.


To be eligible, you must have already been accepted by an ArtEZ degree course.

One cannot apply before receiving an offer of acceptance – i.e. only applicants who have already submitted their DAI-application, been contacted about and completed the interview process, and have already received positive notification of their acceptance into the DAI may apply.

To allow sufficient time for nominated candidates to prepare an ArtEZ Scholarship application with the DAI's support, please plan to complete your application upload (a minimum of) 4-6 weeks prior to the ArtEZ deadlines listed below for the DAI-application review and interview rounds to be completed. 


The application deadlines for the ArtEZ Scholarship are:

MAY 1, 2018  

JUNE 16, 2018

 When applying for an ArtEZ Scholarship you must submit *all* of the following:

  • A written motivation (no longer than 2-4 pages) with an in-depth explanation as to the reasons why you have chosen to apply.
  • Written reference(s) and/or recommendation letter(s) from relevant 3rd parties (teachers, mentors, professors, employers etc.)

Please send your application, preferably as one PDF-attachment, via e-mail to

* incomplete applications & applications received after the deadline will not be processed *


Even though the final decision making is entirely trusted upon the board of the ArtEZ University of the Arts, all Heads of Programs and Course Directors including the DAI's director,  are asked to rank applications within the context of their specific programs.

Needless to say that we feel that "ranking" is problematic and painful, especially in the light of the fact that the students we carefully bring together are ALL equally welcome and dear on their individual merits. To privilege some above the others is not something we comply to with much joy. That said: every form of support we can generate should be embraced, so please note that we are dedicated to strongly support grant applications by holders of non-European passports (not in the possesion of a second, European passport as this will already grant you the possibility to pay the tuition applicabale to European passport holders) with an authentic and articulated motivation to study at the DAI in connection with our SPECIFIC program offerings. We are particularly committed to support excellent candidates who (risk to) fall outside of the ruling economic or cultural glocal infrastructures. 


After being accepted and while preparing your application for the ArtEZ Scholarship and/or the Holland Scholarship, we strongly advise you to contact DAI crew member Rik Fernhout, as soon as possible.