ArtEZ Scholarships

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For the study year 2019-2020 ArtEZ offers students from outside the European Economic Area the opportunity to apply for an ArtEZ scholarship. The scholarship amounts to € 5.000,- per chosen student, per year, for the duration of the degree course ( for DAI this means: two years). The scholarship is paid (or subtracted from the tuition fee), at the beginning of each study year, if and when, the student advances to the next study year. Please note that there are only a very limited number of scholarsships available and competition is fierce. 

This scholarship will be granted solely to students who meet the following criteria:

  • you have a Non-EU/EEA nationality
  • you must have been accepted into by the Admissions Committee of a program ( in our case the DAI's Admission Committee) Non-EU applicants who wish to be considered for nomination must apply to the DAI by the March 17 deadline. 
  • you will start your study in September 2019
  • you have to pay the institutional tuition fee
  • Updated and more detailed criteria will be posted here when available. 

Additional criteria for the selection committee as defined by ArtEZ University of the Arts (we received and added this information on the 21st of February, 2019)

ArtEZ Scholarships are committed to the international and diversity strengthening at ArtEZ. While they also demand certain records of academic rigour and artistic excellence as a base upon which the student can be reviewed, the focus of the ArtEZ scholarships is the enabling of diverse kinds of students to cross the often intimidating threshold of Art Universities. Students who can avail of the ArtEZ Scholarships would be preferred if they are

    • first generation learners,

    • representing underserved communities,

    • are from emerging economies or families with low income,

    • belong to marginalized or persecuted groups,

    • offer a new subjectivity for the discipline that they are in and

    • have a strong critical reflection on their own diverse legacies and histories and how it

      informs their work.

      ArtEZ Scholarships are monitored and offered as a way of encouraging new voices, vocabularies, grammars, expressions and ambitions for our learning and research programmes and are committed to helping potential students building a critical community of care and responsibility within ArtEZ.


How can you apply for the ArtEZ Scholarship? You can only start your application as of 1 February 2019.

Deadline: before 1 May 2019 ArtEZ must have received all the required documents. Incomplete applications and applications received after the deadline will not be processed.

Selection Process

Based on the two different foci, the heads of courses will nominate and rank students eligible for the two different ( ArtEZ and Holland) scholarships. The same student can be nominated for both the scholarships. Each nomination must be accompanied by:

A review of the academic score,

a statement of motivation from the student, and

a statement of motivation from the nominating person.

The motivations should clearly address the rationale established for both the scholarships. In case of a student being nominated twice, two separate applications with different motivations should be submitted.

The Committee will be briefed about the rationale of these two scholarships. Based on these they will conduct a desk-review of the applications and award them a numerical score based on the criteria that have been developed for assessment of these scholarships. The committee makes a long-list of students who could benefit from these scholarships and the numbers are pre-defined based on discipline, department and location within the University.

The CvB ( board) gets the recommended list, after a check from the Student affairs department to ensure the validity of the nominations, along with the rationale for the selection of each student from the committee and awards the final scholarships which are communicated, to the directors of the courses and subsequently to the students.

After having been notified of your acceptance to the DAI and while preparing your application for the ArtEZ Scholarship and/or the Holland Scholarship, we strongly advise you to contact DAI-crew member Rik Fernhout, as soon as possible.