Rachel O'Reilly

Rachel O'Reilly is a poet, critic, independent curator and researcher whose work explores relationships between art and situated cultural practice, media and psychoanalysis, aesthetic philosophy and political economy. From 2004-08 she was a curator of film, video and new media at the Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, including the Fifth Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art. She has a background in comparative literature, and a Master (Cum Laude) in Media and Culture from the University of Amsterdam, with a thesis that theorized videographic crisis genres as post-fordist commodities, symptomatic of art’s own neoliberal transition. The project tracked emergent event genres across several installation art practices exemplarily attendant to ressentimental affect logics of right populism, the drama of austerity, and the precarity of museological liberalism (Mik, Staal, Chto delat).

From 2013-14 she was a researcher in residence of the Jan van Eyck Academie, NL. Her ongoing artistic research project The Gas Imaginary, explores the speculative linguistics and dispossessive install of 'unconventional extraction' investments in settler colonial space. Curated exhibitions include The Leisure Class (co-curated w/ Kathryn Weir) GoMA, Brisbane, 2007-08; Videoground, (Bangkok Experimental Film Festival, Chicago Film Studies Centre, MAAP, Brisbane), 2008; and Some Profound Misunderstanding at the Heart of What Is (w/Cathleen Schuster and Marcel Dickhage), Hedah Contemporary Art Space, Maastricht, part of Moving Images of Speculation Inlab of the JvE Academie, 2013-14.

She is currently completing a chapbook of poems, Rue Methanic, researching a project on 'Neutrality' in Non-Aligned Movements vs Contemporary Art with Jelena Vesic, and Series Editor of the Labin Imprint of artist and artistic research books. Her critical writing has been published by Cambridge Scholars Press, MIT Press, Postcolonial Studies and in collaborative criticism e-books by the V2 Institute for Unstable Media, Rotterdam.



Rachel O'Reilly's seminars and symposia at the DAI: 

2018-2019 At the Limits of the Writerly: Queer Theory and the Critique of Energy

2017-2018 On the Limits of the Writerly: Dramaturgical stakes in Capitalo(s)cene(s)

2017 Contour Biennale 8 Public Programme / ROAMING ASSEMBLY#12 ~ Planetary Records: Performing Justice Between Art and Law ~ co-curated with Natasha Ginwala 

2017 ROAMING ASSEMBLY#10: Infrastructural Rifts: Souls and Soils of Disaster Developmentalism

2016-2017 At the Limits of the Writerly: Which Dispositif?

2015 Seminar Jakarta Biennale: Poetics and Infrastructures of Political Form

2015-2016 At the Limits of the Writerly