DAI Week nr. 2 ~ Arnhem. November 17 till November 25, 2022

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COVID Protocol ~ updated for Arnhem 


DAI's Code of Conduct: Faculty-Student Contacts 

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We are back in Arnhem 

That is to say: for generation 22 this is their first DAI week landing in the city that has a firm grip on DAI's past, present and future (although our future landings in Arhem come with a concern, to be only briefly touched upon here). Our "parent" universities headquarters are in Arnhem. Our longstanding partnership, conversation & friendship with WALTERbooks is the backbone of our relation with the city as landing station for our soft space ship, eversince we became a Roaming Academy in 2017. Last but not least; our research interests around and in close friendship and collaboration with Sonsbeek artistic /curatorial teams ruangrupa (2016) and sonsbeek20-24, gave meaning, purpose and edge to our connectivity with this specific city, its geo-cultural position in the Netherlands and its historical and contemporary entanglement with wider worlds. Sonsbeek20-24 has prematurely ended (read more here) and DAI stands in full solidarity with Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, Aude Mgba, Zippora Elders, Amal Alhaag and Krista Jantowski and program leader Raj Sandhu: it is out of the question that there will be any continuation of DAI's relationship with the Sonsbeek project under its current management and governance structure, where there is no commitment to the duty of care that comes with inviting and hosting an artistic /curatorial team. Sadness and anger about this situation aside: for this DAI Week we look forward to be hosted for all our lunches and cozy dinners by our beloved WALTERbooks and the one and only Krista Jantowski ~ as well as to be accomodated by other cultural spaces in town (Theater aan de Rijn, De Lommerd, Post Theater, Coehoorn) who are offering us their spaces to gather and study. 


The foundation for our curricular support structure in 2022-2023, more specifically this years COOP partnerships with:ARCHIVE (Berlin, Dakar, Milan), Bulegoa z/b (Bilbao), Casco Art Instite:Working for the Commons (Utrecht), If I Can't Dance I Don't Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution (Amsterdam), Neringa Forest Architecture (Nida), SAVVY Contemporary (Berlin) has been laid by DAI's artistic director and head of program, Gabriëlle Schleijpen: to be activated, animated and expanded by all students, crew and faculty. 


Faculty present in Arnhem: 

The tutorial teams and their guests on board this month, all contributing to the 3 defining curriculum components of our program:                                               

How To Do Things With Theory Seminars 2022-2023:

Dr.Ana Teixeira PintoDr.Amit S.RaiDr.Ghalya Saadawi, Dr.Grant Watson and Dr.Hypatia Vourloumis. HTDTWT's Education Team Leader is Dr.Florian Göttke

COOP Study Groups 2022-2023:

Marwa ArsaniosYin Aiwen, Frédérique Bergholtz, Eglė Budvytytė, Jurga Daubaraitė, Sagal Farah, Chiara Figone, Anik Fournier, Jeroen Glissenaar, Liquid Dependencies Host Community (Lenn Cox, Johannes Equizi, Hosein Danesh), Leon Filter, Billy FowoEgija InzuleDr. Emanuela Maltese, Dr. You Mi, Snejanka Mihaylova, Marianna Takou, Dr. Leire Vergara, Sands Murray-Wassink, Zoe Zhao & Jonas Žukauskas.  COOP's Education Team Leader is Nikos Doulos.

Planetary Campus:

The Kitchen format is curated and hosted by Gabriëlle Schleijpen, with Peter Sattler as production leader, with the brilliant input of nine student presenters.  Kitchen respondents for this week are Lara Khaldi and Simon(e) van Saarloos.Factory 2.0 is curated by Nikos Doulos with the amazing input of our student body to it's Student Led Activities. 

Crew (making it all possible!) present in Arnhem:

*Senior program co-ordinator hospitality & care | emergency response certificate holder: Jacq van der Spek, with regular assistance of Kastė Šeškevičiūtė.

*Senior facilitator work spaces Roaming Academy | technical support: Peter Sattler.

*Friends & Family (& more): Ricardo Liong-A-Kong

*Culinary input by Pick Up (Karin Berentzen & assistant) and Kristinn Guðmundsson .

*Back Office (remotely): Vinita Gatne is our travel coordinator in dialogue with our travel agent Monique Hemminkways AKA HemminkwaysCorine van der Wal is our bookkeeper, while Rik Fernhout tracks all possible formal hurdles on DAI's pathways, in relation to exam-regulations.

Please consult our Crew-webpage for a more complete overview and the division of tasks.

DAI Week 2 from day to day:


Thursday 17

Friday 18

Saturday 19

Sunday 20

Monday 21

Tuesday 22

Wednesday 23

Thursday 24

Friday 25 - Departure ALL


Students Accommodation: Stayokay Arnhem, Diepenbrocklaan 27, 6815 AH Arnhem

Walking route Arnhem Station to Stayokay

Bus route Arnhem Station to Stayokay

HTDTWT tutors Accommodation: Holiday Inn, Nieuwe Oeverstraat 50, 6811 JB Arnhem

Route Arnhem Station to Holiday Inn

COOP tutors Accommodation: IBIS Hotel, Willemsplein 25, 6811 KB Arnhem

Route Arnhem Station to IBIS Hotel