Snejanka Mihaylova

Dr. Snejanka is a writer and performer. She holds a PhD degree in philosophy of language, hermeneutics and contemporary theater.

In her work she engages with rethinking the religious lexicon in the tensions between the secular and the religious. Through acts of learning about marginalized traditions, giving voice and music composition she underscores the necessary predisposition to listening that is part of any thinking act.

Among her books are "Acoustic Thought" (2015), commissioned and published by "If I Can’t Dance I Don’t Want to Be Part of Your Revolution" and "The Last Books". Practical Training in Thinking (2012), edited and designed by Philip Baber and published with The Last Books, commissioned and acquired for the permanent collection by Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Theatre of Thought (2011), published with Critique and Humanism (Sofia).

She teaches history of logic at the University of Sofia, her hometown, where she lives with her dog. Together with long term collaborator and friend Philip Baber, she is co-founder of the imprint The Last Books. 



Snejanka Mihaylova @DAI: 

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2021-2022 COOP study group ~ On Tradition - Future Ancestors 2: Rurality and Law

2020-2021 COOP study group ~ On Tradition – Future Ancestors: let rhythm be your guiding light

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