WALTER books (Arnhem) ~ Partner from 2017 till 2023

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WALTER books




WALTER & DAI: partners in this labour of love:

During our monthly DAI-weeks our mother-ship is hosting students, tutors and staff at various, changing locations in-and outside of the Netherlands.

Our office remains, however, firmly rooted in the city of Arnhem in the East-Netherlands, where, from September 2017 onward, our household contents have been warmly embraced by our brand new local partner, WALTER books; this smart small bookshop/cultural centre and DAI are going to be partners for all things “DAI in Arnhem” Outside DAI weeks, core office staff will be present here on Mondays.

WALTER and DAI team up on a variety of levels, from the very practical to the conceptual.

WALTER is running the Dream, a mini-campus for intercontinental DAI-students, moving to the Netherlands via the IND, but not (yet) settled in a city of choice. Other than that: outside DAI-weeks individual DAI students and DAI researchers are welcome to use our library and desk space. The Dream offers (limited) possibility to sojourn in Arnhem, in order to, for example, team up with master students at the Werkplaats Typografie, or to visit the ArtEZ headquarters and get some work done at the very well equipped workshops. 

WALTER is HOME where the DAI is no longer.

WALTER  “curates books” and will be present at some of our Roaming Assemblies with a subjective selection of topical publications.

WALTER will also take care of the collection of publications the DAI has issued since 2003.