Jurga Daubaraitė

Jurga Daubaraitė is a researcher and curator based in Vilnius; she is one of the founders of Kirvarpa publishing initiative, Neringa Forest Architecture project, Talka talka architectural practice.

She has co-curated exhibitions Children’s Forest Pavilion in Venice Architecture biennale (2023), The Baltic Pavilion in Venice Architecture biennale (2016), The Baltic Material Assemblies at AA Gallery and RIBA (2018), co-edited The Baltic Atlas published by Sternberg (2016).

Since 2014 she has worked with Jonas Žukauskas to research the histories and materialities of colonisations and modernisations through which built environment, infrastructures, extraction networks were deployed to shape the geographies and culture of the Baltic States, now an integral part of the European Project. In this context they research, propose spatial concepts and create architectural projects.




Jurga Daubaraitė @DAI:

2023-2024 COOP study group ~ FOREST IS LONG-TERM

2022 – 2023 COOP study group – FOREST AS IMAGE AND INFRASTRUCTURE Exploited, Assembled, Constructed, Protected, Cared for – Projections, Relations, Definitions – Forest Operational Images