2021-2022 tuttə (le) rottə - all (the) ways: unfixed ~ 39 Aeroponic Acts ~ Centrale Fies

Aeroponic ~ root systems nourished by air ~ Acts is the name given to the nomadic Dutch Art Institute’s final Kitchen presentations. 


39 conversations-in-a-form.

Each act of 20 minutes offers a question as a practice of engagement.



Phanuel Antwi,

Chiara Figone ,

Aziza Harmel (Sunday 10 July)

Momtaza Mehri  &

Ana Teixeira Pinto  

will be sharing their improvised reflections on the presentations and will, in one way or another, mesh with the questions.

All conversations anchored by Giulia Crispiani   

The AEROPONIC ACTS constitute one out of several study components (such as a written thesis, and a substantial contribution to the COOP study groups, at the heart of our program) which the students have to accomplish, in order to conclude their two year long journey with DAI. 

For the AEROPONIC ACTS 2022 DAI lands in the heart of the incredibly beautiful Valle dei Laghi in Trentino, Italy. We will  be working and presenting at Centrale Fies: a Habsburg hydroelectric power plant running as a research center for contemporary performance practices since 1999. 

Our huge gratitude goes to Barbara Boninsegna and Dino Sommadossi and their team at Centrale Fies for their invaluable support. It is their vision and stamina that brings emerging performance artists, researchers and activists together in a space of great care, commitment and encouragement. It is an honour for DAI to be welcomed here as a friend. 

Program AEROPONIC ACTS 2022:

tuttə (le) rottə

all (the) ways: unfixed

You won’t have us, ever. If together we could be a slogan, a poem or a song, in unison we’d shout “all unfixed, all the ways”—if we could be all one body we’d never take the same route, we’ll come compact and dispersed to evade any of your jails, we’d come shabby and grandiose on our own runaway. If there’s one thing that can't be fixed, than that's us all—us a whole. We won’t keep quiet until we will all have the right to be all free—all unfixed. 


*click on a title to go to the introduction to an act

10:30–11:20 | Emmeli Person |

Scapegoat vs. Escapecoat - don’t miss this incredible outsourcing opportunity

11:20–12:10 | Liza Rinkema Rapuš | 


12:10–13:00 | Nash Caldera | 

Past, Present and Future is where I belong. The beauty of the corm.

13:00–14:00 |  Lunch

14:00–14:50 | Isabelle Weber | 

clouds nest like cysts on the soft tissues of their hosting milieu

14:50–15:40 | Rene Landspersky | 

A tree is a river floating towards the sky.

15:40–16:30 | Morena Buser | 

earth doings

Break 16:30–17:00

17:00–17:50 | Alexandra Martens Serrano | 

Navigational Strategies for a Horizonless Datum

17:50–18:40 | Dakota Guo | 

is ominous of?

19:30 | Dinner


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10:30–11:20 | Hannah Jones | 

“My pearls are soap bubbles floating over the roof out to sea.”

11:20–12:10 | Vera Mühlebach | 

Untitled (Loc. Fies 1 was already taken as a title)

12:10–13:00 | Marika Vandekraats | 


Lunch 13:00–14:00

14:00–14:50 | Chiara Pagano | 

pulled tongues

14:50–15:40 | Lau ten Zeldam | 

skin and bronze

15:40–16:30 | Iga Świeściak | 

photogenic property triplet

 Break 16:30–17:00

17:00–17:50 | Nadja Henß | 

The space in-between us

17:50–18:40 | Elisa Giuliano |

Bella come te, in carne ed ossa come me

(beautiful like you, in flesh and bones like me)

19:30 | Dinner


*click on a title to go to the introduction to an act

10:30–11:20 | Maud Gyssels | 

one clap two collapse

11:20–12:10 | Rhodé Visser | 

3, 2, 1 What is Seen is Gone

12:10–13:00 | Ioana Lupascu | 

Topical Affair.

Lunch 12:30–14:00

14:00–14:50 | Lissy Willberg  |

Hyphenated score (2)

14:50–15:40 | João Polido | 

Hearing Smoke

15:40–16:30 | Bambi van Balen |


Break 16:30–17:00

17:00–17:50 | Maoyi (Peixuan Qiu) |

Thresholding: to the limit of an arrival.

17:50–18:40 | Jan Pieter ‘t Hart  

Wash warm with unlike colors

Dinner 19:30


*click on a title to go to the introduction to an act

10:30–11:20 | Miyoung Chang 

No, not.

11:20–12:10 | Michael Fischer 

Mnemonic Palaces, Transpositioning Tails and Memory Cards 

12:10–13:00 | Cristina Emmel 

It’s a baggy fit

 Lunch 13:00–14:00

14:00–14:50 | Lacey Verhalen 

hit or miss

14:50–15:40 | Mirjam Steffen 

Living the same questions

15:40–16:30 | Marilú Mapengo Namoda 

LOVE PRAXIS: Arts and Politics of giving birth to the FutureS

Break 16:30–17:00

17:00–17:50 | Felix Bahret 

Amnesia Haze

17:50–18:40 | Izaro Ieregi Gonzalez

Conjugate one to each other 

Dinner 19:30


*click on a title to go to the introduction to an act

10:30–11:20 | Laura Dubourjal 

Looking for Character,

First rehearsal, a repeated performance.

11:20–12:10 | Dylan Spencer-Davidson  

Untitled (dirge)

12:10–13:00 | Dandelion Eghosa  

Soliloquy of a Distant Thunder- Act IV

(Performing nostalgia, body memory, and aesthetics of past homes)

Lunch 13:00–14:00

14:00–14:50 | Afrang Malekian  

Keeping up with the Iranians

14:50–15:40 | velvet leigh 

to be twelve…

15:40–16:30 | Eli Witteman 

 Break 16:30–17:00

17:00–17:50 | Derek Di Fabio 

untitling matter from a confined nature that forces categorical identification


For all of the ways we could take and for all of the routes we could trace, for all of the pain we could bear, against all that’s unjust we claim our right to remain all unfixed all the way. 



If you are in the region anyday from Sunday 10th till Thursday 15th you are kindly invited to join us for our public sessions at Centrale Fies. Upon reservation it is also possible to join us for lunch and /or dinner. Please contact Sara Cattin <scattin2@gmail.com>at your earliest possible convenience (ultimately the day before).

Visit our BULLETIN for more practical details.


Convened by Gabriëlle Schleijpen

Curated by Giulia Crispiani  

Video Documentation: Baha Görkem Yalim

Written Report: Hubert Gromny

Communication Design: Lauren Alexander & Hanna Rullmann

Social Media: Nikos Doulos, with the assistance of Cornelia Isaksson.

Head of Production: Peter Sattler, assisted by Miiel Ferraez & Clara Winter and the technicians of Centrale Fies

Logistics: Jacq van der Spek, assisted by Sara Cattin and Kastė Šeškevičiūtė

Financial adminstration: Corine van der Wal, liasing with the Finance Dept. of the ArtEZ University of the Arts

Travel arrangements: Hemminkways

Catering: Kristinn Guðmundsson & Riccardo Mosna (MidiTrento.it)


To see how the AEROPONIC ACTS are embedded in our curriculum you can visit our Syllabus 2021-2022