Bambi van Balen: Cycles.       

Feel free

         to close your eyes, 

         to dance, 

         to lie down,

         to play, 

         to put on a dress,

         to switch the light,  

         to change the score. 



In this presentation stroboscope lights will be used.

For people with photosensitive epilepsy, this might be triggering.

Instructions to switch the light:

1) Log in to WIFI network: RÆV

2) Type the following IP address on your browser:

3) Click the buttons to control the lights.


A view in the kitchen of Bambi van Balen

Choreographic assistance: Elisa Giuliano

Performers: Bambi van Balen, Dandelion Eghosa, Max*ine Vajt

Dress: Guusje de Bruin, Sarah Kerbosch in collaboration with Bambi van Balen

Light programming: Jasper van Loenen

Music: aemlx (Emilia Kurylowicz), The Field, tbc*

Technics: Lau ten Zeldam, Peter Sattler, more tbc*

Support: Iarliath Ni Fheorais, Till Langschied

With support of Tools for Action Foundation


Phanuel Antwi,  Momtaza Mehri & Ana Teixeira Pinto will respond to the question Will you join, will you leave, will you dream, will you remember?




Cycles. will be presented at Turbine 1, Centrale Fies, Dro, Italy on Tuesday July 12.