Sara Cattin ~ Keywords: cross-media approach, rural environments, human and non-human forms of life, the shepherd, transfeminist shi-fi, eco-fi, folklore, post-industrialism, field-learning

Sara Cattin is a visual artist and a cultural worker busy with a continuous process of research. She is based below the Alps in north-west Italy, places that become her project's subjects and inspiration. Through a cross-media approach, Sara focusses on rural environments and the social structures that traverse them, the meeting between human and non-human forms of life, folcklor, post-industrialism and dystopian scenarios, and the act of field-researching (field-learning) as a valuable form of cultural production in itself.
At the moment, she is involved several projects: Isterika Istorika, an open and horizontal bookclub on transfeminist narratives in science fiction and dystopian literature (Turin), and Resta Qui Airlines (Stay Here Airlines) which is a long term, socially engaging, performance and multidisciplinary project on ways of traversing and perceiving the environment.
One of her most dear works is an ongoing research on nomadic pastoralism and the relationship of young shepherds with forms of private land property. An extract of her DAI thesis has been published online by Nero Editions. 

Sarta Cattin worked as didactic tutor for residency programs (Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto - ArtEZ AIR residency, Biella, IT), as assistant of production and workshop facilitator (Cittadellarte UNIDEE program, Biella, IT; Hotel Maria Kapel, Hoorn, NL; viadellafucina16, Turin, IT), and as research assistant for projects on industrial design history. 
Currently she is developing her outdoor projects on environmental topics and ways of mapping, at the public schools of the Lake Orta area (Piemonte) together with local cultural independent organizations (Mastronauta, DragoLago).  

"Art work is work and it’s collaborative".

Sara has been part of community projects such as the independent organization Better Places a.p.s. and the cultural space for music and performance HYDRO (Biella).



Learn more about Sara Cattin’s 20 minute presentation for AEROPONIC ACTS ~ growing roots in air  entitled: Maintenance of What? Part 2.

Learn more about Sara Cattin’s written MA thesis (DAI, 2019): Reconnect, and Stay Alive: Leaving behind the idea of domain at the passage of roaming shepherds.

Follow Sara Cattin’s ‘life after DAI’ by means of Sara’s website and instagram

In 2022 Sara returned to DAI (in Bergamo) to assist with logistics and care.