Laura Dubourjal: Looking for Character, First rehearsal, a repeated performance.

The play Looking For Character follows the messy train of thought of its main character Laï. Having grown up in a family of six actors, she recalls the constitutive confusion with which she assimilated the ways one becomes oneself, with the way one transforms into a character. Ridden with anxiety, our character finds a link between her mental state and the pressure of performing within her family’s legacy. A repeating performance of selves, each repetition bringing a different component of one’s identity.


Phanuel Antwi, Chiara Figone,  Ana Teixeira Pinto will respond to the question Becoming another has the potential of liberating one from internalised cops in the head. But in a contemporary western society, in which it is often expected of subjects to be flexible, intra-changeable and their own inventors, can a repeated practice of self re-invention be emancipatory?



Looking for Character, First rehearsal, a repeated performance will be presented at Comando, Centrale Fies, Dro, Italy on Thursday July 14.