Lacey Verhalen: hit or miss

On the palm of your hand, a circle like a pill on the tongue of a giant. A token to toss in a bowl of clear water thick with relief. The container, coral bleached by powdered analgesic, coated in crystallized sugar. Every time I position for precision I hurt myself. You might feel it too. The rigidity of holding a perfect pose. Breathless intention. Aim and release. Hit or miss. Hit: constrained sinking with a gravity that weighs on wild hearts. Miss: scattered exposure in a grafted field of wayward remedies.

Take your token. Position for precision. Aim for the fountain and throw. Those that make it in the water are granted access inside the marked enclosure. Those that miss are to remain within the pharmakological field.


Chiara Figone, Momtaza Mehri & Ana Teixeira Pinto will respond to the question Contain or disseminate?



hit or miss will be presented at Comando, Centrale Fies, Dro, Italy on Wednesday July 13.